NFL player killed in Aghan was killed by US fire

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, May 5, 2005.

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  1. The NFL player that gave up a lucrative job to serve his country and was then killed in Afghanistan, was in fact killed by freindly fire when his squad came under fire from a Taliban ambush.

    Very sad.

  2. For being shot by his own side?
  3. Hey why not? He was a football player.
  4. So the cat is finally out of the bag. This has been covered up for the last year, as Tillman was the U.S poster boy for the war on terror, and the unfortunate circumstances of his death would have been a major shot in the foot for morale.

    Its a sad story, he was a brave man who made a great example to his countrymen. All politics aside, he believed in what he was doing, and nailed his colours to the mast.

    I salute you sir.
  5. Anyone know of the official outcome of the Royal Marine, Christopher Maddison, said to have been killed by friendly fire? It was on thre BBC documentry 'Fighting the War'
  6. It was initially reported that he was killed by enemy fire. The evidence was destroyed before they could mount an investigation. Once complete, the investigation came to the conclusion that he was killed by his own side, who fired on him thinking he was part of the taliban ambush party.

    Bit of an own goal. :?
  7. this was reported shortly after his death
  8. The report says he was lost by 'friendly fire'. Probably from injuries suffered when his wheelhouse was hit by Milan fired by an Xing Point protection party.
  9. gosh how unusual for Yanks to kill Yanks, don't they learn any lessons ? the do it every time there's a fracas. Everyone knows that Yanks kill thier own and their allies.
  10. True AG, has been mentioned on ARRSE before. The official report about destruction of evidence, etc, is new news.
  11. The sad fact is that throughout the history of conflict, "blue on blues" have always happened, and statistically happened a heck of a lot more in previous conflicts than Afghanistan/Iraq - it is just that we hear about them a lot more now due to media access.

    War is hell...

  12. FWIW, I'm closer to the Tillman incident than any of those folks in the media. Couple of salient points:

    1. There was no coverup. Period.

    2. The incident was investigated over five times. Same conclusions each time. The lessons learned were distributed to the concerned parties.

    3. Everything in the latest frenzy was open source not less than two months after the incident. The destruction of a blood-soaked uniform and kit is SOP, not a conspiracy. I was a lead investigator on a blue-blue incident in 1992 and the uniform & kit were incinerated due to biohazard issues. It didn't interfere with my investigation at all.

    4. "Blue on Blue" will happen to every single fighting force sooner or later. It happened in the Falklands with UK SF units 23 years ago.

    5. Hattie_Jacques is spot on with his assessment.

    It was always known that the Tillman incident was a friendly fire scenario. The really big issue is the lessons learned for the concerned parties.

    OK, break's over. Please resume the normal Yank/Septic/Barbarian bashing... :)
  13. Good points Tracy. Of course, we septics can't do anything right. Funny how we are the worlds super power and funny how, when ever anything goes wrong in the world, the world turns to us for guidance, money, and everything else. However, we can't do jack right...

    Mistakes? Yeah, the US Military makes mistakes. Happens all the time. However, so does the UK Military. If any person on this forum can say the Brits have never had a blue on blue shooting, I'll buy em dinner. The only reason this issue has gotten so much press, is the fact the dead guy gave up a career in the NFL (millions of dollars for you Brits) to fight the war on terror and become a Ranger. If he was Joe Schome, it would be a non issue.

    I can't speak for Tracy, however, I can speak for me. As a US Marine, I never went on a live fire training mission, where someone wasn't killed. I'm not saying that is good, etc. I'm saying it happens and it happens all the time. That is a reality of life: Unfortunately.

    As a police officer, dozens of cops are killed every year, in training missions. Shit happens...Right, wrong, or indifferent. It just does.

    Mr Tillman's death is unfortunate. However, no one is to blame and no one is at fault. It is just a bad situation all the way around.
  14. Being the hegemon is Hell, right... :lol: You're just unlucky that you've been 'it' since technology made broadcasting mistakes so much easier. :wink: