NFL (Gridiron) linebacker plays rugby

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Virgil, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Dhani Jones is a linebacker (a jack-of-all-trades defensive back) for the Cincinnati Bengals. In the off season he does a travel show where he roams the globe playing different sports. In one that recently aired he played rugby for Blackheath RC--whoever the hell they are.

    This is the POV from a rugby TV show.

    For that inevitable question, on the travel channel show (not this excerpt) Jones could be heard telling a Blackheath player or coach that he thought the NFL hitting was harder (more explosive) but rugby was much more exhausting.
  2. Virgil,
    Thats been my experience too. I have played on schoolboy team that included an american exchange student and on a couple of tours in Texas and Louisiana.

    "Native" rugby players were much less inclined to go 100% at a tackle from either end while the americans were fearful to go against in the first 10 minutes or so but lost a fair bit (but by no means all) of their edge after that. The aforementioned exchange student played his first rugby match in a house match that I played in and nailed an opposing back having launched himself from about 8 feet away. It was a bit high but almost legal so all he got was a explanantion rather than a warning!

    The guys we played in the tournaments also relished playing teams from GB. Sadly for them any team I was on had there mind on the beer so we were roundly trounced by every American team we played except for Tulane University who were foolish enough to come drinking with us the night before the game. :twisted:
  3. Looks like we might be getting a taste of a professional rugby league here next year. Looking forward to it, if it lasts. We have the athletes, its the skills we'll need.

    National Rugby League USA
  4. That's probably got better potential than Rugby Union for the States. The structure of the matches will be more familiar to the target audience.
  5. It seems to be the general rule that American Footballers possess greater strength and power(on average)than Rugby players. But the Rugby players have superior fitness and endurance.

    I respect both; they are some of the best athletes in the world. And I much rather watch Gridiron or Rugby than "Soccer"... :roll:
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Both Union and League are making a serious push to spread the game in America. One of their main tactics is focusing on players who have not achieved "football" scholarships, and encouraging other college players to take up the sport too. I think over the next few years will shall see a great improvement in American Rugby.
  7. Being a Blackheath Rugby player I feel that I should raise a point here.

    You clearly do not know your rugby history.

    Blackheath are called "The Club" because we were the 1st open rugby club ever formed in the world.

    Back in the day the "England" rugby team was 90% blackheath players. We are still an amateur club, hence the slow sliding down the ranks to 2nd division nowadays.

    But "The Club" is stooped in history.
  8. As a defesive player, I think Jones is in a better position to come to grips with the nature of rugby than an offensive player. The fact is that rugby players, and defensive football player have to be able to improvise a lot more readily than an American football offense, whose plays are very tightly scripted and coordinated. This is by no means a criticism- one of the things I really appreciate about the game is how the success of the offense is reliant on the level of coordination required for 11 guys to be in exactly in the right place at the right time, every time.
  9. There's been a professional rugby league in the states since 97. I used to go watch NJ Sharks back in 98.
  10. During the 95 RWC, a story made the rounds about Jono Lomu being offered a try-out by the Dallas Cowboys.

    A spokesman for the Cowboys was less than impressed:

    "Why would we offer him a try-out? We get dozens of guys like him at training camp every year!" :lol:
  11. They play in an amateur league according to this wiki article.
  12. As a former football (gridiron) player at a small high school where we weren't large enough to have a 'platoon system' (a dedicated offensive and defensive group of players) and played both ways. Far more time was spent on practicing offense than defense; probably 75/25.

    The amount of coaching put into offensive schemes was pretty intense. Offensively you have twenty or thirty plays you memorize with individual running and blocking schemes; you'd better be doing what you're supposed to be doing because you don't want to be called out when you watch the game films.

    I really believe that if league or union were given a shot by most football/gridiron players they'd end up loving both sports. I love, no I live for college football but I've become hooked on NRL and Super 14 games (the magic of teh internets).