NFL Game in London


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I don't know why the NFL are doing this (I did when it was $2 to the £1) but they've put 2 regular games this season in Wembley. I really like American Football and always get a kick out of seeing the odd game when I'm in the States - I still follow the Huskers after watching a game there in 1997. But to me its a quaint bit of Americana that unlike Line Dancing I can enjoy and take part in without looking stupid. But do the fans really like these games? What do our resident Cousins think of these games?
Boring as hell

The tail gating is good though


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They have been playing exhibition games since 1985 but about 5 years ago started to play a league game for the legions of fans
It doesnt seem very realistic to me... can the defenders suddenly counterattack ? or the attackers (offence) put in a defensive line to fall back on when needed. Very stop start stop start... squirt of O2 here and there if you ask me.


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I saw the chargers play over here a few years ago - was a great game

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