Are you still enjoying ARRSE?

  • Yes, regular as clockwork

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  • Occassionally, like sex when married

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  • No, it's f***ing sh1te

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My mother always said "only boring people get bored"...

I now use this expression to p%ss off my kids..and now goatbag!
There are some belting threads out there and some of the old favourites are still knocking them out, so to speak. The 'DaSquaddie Code' is quite outstanding and deserves immediate promotion to the Best of Arrse in the field.

I think it's perhaps a case of reaping what you sow. So c'mon GBTD let's be having you!
Found this looking at my thread history - I had to stop ARRSEing around due to work stuff (too much info going around head) but am now back... and being as dull as ever! Now enjoying ARRSE again though.