Nexus Day!

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Bad CO, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    If you're a Google-phile like me than you won't have missed the news that today is the day that they release a load of new nexus devices including a phone, 32gb nexus 7 and 10" tablet. I have to say that I'm very tempted by the phone, especially as you can buy it SIM free which is something I've been doing for a while now.

    I'm also expecting the 4.2 upgrade for my nexus 7 to come over the site at some point today, which is enough to make me as giddy as a 70s DJ in a convent.

    Final point is that we in the UK have just been granted access to the play music store and the excellent client can now be downloaded to your phone!

    Happy day indeed.

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  2. Have the 32gb,love it to pieces.

    Looked at the 10" spec before buying mine,decided it was just a bit to big.

    The missus has,an IPad 2 but,keeps picking mine up to use because it's so much quicker! ;-)
  3. Ah yes! I've told my wife in no uncertain terms that I WILL be having a Nexus 7 32GB for Christmas. Not often I really want something but this is on the list. Almost tempted to go for the 3G version.
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  4. You can't go saying things like that, you'll have Apple fans picking up pitchforks and burning torches, coming round your house and shouting "burn the unbeliever" ;-)
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  5. Nah, it's Apple they do not acknowledge that android devices exist. They think it's a myth.
  6. Play music store looks good, available on any device you own and none of the nonsense hoops you have to jump through as per the obvious.

    Nexus Q next then I will start utilising both play movies and music far more.

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  7. Played around with the updated Maps app,at the weekend,Sat Nav has been given away,GPS is spot on,no more paying out for extra maps when abroad,even found 2 local eateries,that I didn't know existed.

    Will eventually get around to using my Smartphone as a WiFi hotspot for the beast,or pair it on Bluetooth,decisions,desicions. ;-)

    Also downloaded a digital copy,of one of my fave DVD's,plug in the 'cans',own little world,and it really is quicker than the Ipad 2,sorry Apples are for eating!:bow:
  8. Maps also now shows the floor plans of popular places around the world and is being updated over time, just zoom in until it becomes visible. Examples I have found so far is Heathrow, Luton and kings cross international.

    If WiFi is on you should be able too see your location in doors via WiFi geolocation. I will test the validity of this tomorrow as I will be at Heathrow.

    Didn't have time to check it in UK but currently in Arlanda airport and have tried it here, it works albeit a few metres out.



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  9. As you have mentioned stocking fillers can I mention NFC tags? Oh well done it now.

    You can set them up to adjust your device settings with a quick tap against them a la oyster card. Essentially they have not improved my life but now I don't mess about switching blue tooth on/GPS/maps/Display brightness to full when getting in my car, quick tap then a satisfying bleep indicating that the hardship of labouring through the settings has been done for me.

    As I said not required one iota therefore I conclude a perfect stocking filler!
  10. Three uk are going to be doing the nexus 3g soon according to their site. 15GB usage for £15.99 a month, no idea on upfront cost.

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