Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbs, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. HAHA i think it would be funny to see the little princesses going to sandhurst!!
    OOOOOOOOOOO the hilarity!!!
    But i'm surprised that Harry hasn't asked granny to take him home...odd!!!
  2. Eh up TeeHee - Harry will get through Sandhurst no problem!

    Congratulations to Prince William on his Cat 1 pass - can't say it's much of a surprise though, he is clearly the intelligent one of the two brothers.

    I wish them both the best of careers in the Army.
  3. Good to see they have chosen the Army! harry like his dad but williums old man was Navey If I remember correctly. I know Prince Andrew was a heli pilot but was he RAF or Navey?


  4. William and Harry have the same father :?:
  5. Prince Andrew was a Navy helicopter pilot - I believe he flew as an Exocet decoy on occasions during the Falklands Conflict (?). As has been pointed out by Angelface, Princes William & Harry do share a father - if you're not convinced track down some of the pictures from HRH PoW's recent wedding - Prince Harry is the spitting image of his father in some of the shots.
  6. Yeah, let's just go along with that version. Fingers in ears, eyes closes LA LA LA
  7. army of 1...

  8. Please tell me you're trying to wind us up? Is there really people out there that believe this? :roll:
  9. That was big of Charles and Cammila to invite James Hewet to their wedding then.

  10. Please tell me you're trying to wind me up? ARE there people out there who can actually use proper English grammar? Annoys me all the time "Is there any questions?" You surely mean ARE there any questions? Fool!

    Sorry - rant over :D I'm a nice boy really! :)
  11. Well, adyf - if you are really a pedant why use the shortened "you're" which is not good grammar?
  12. What a load of balls - why is "you're" not good grammar? Quit while you're ahead.
  13. "you're" = "you are" - adyf is quite right
  14. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Although I don't consider myself a pedant, if you are going to start picking people's posts apart then sentences like the one below don't really allow you to sit on the grammatical high ground.

    Annoys me all the time "Is there any questions?" You surely mean ARE there any questions? Fool!