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may have been asked before but cant see it as we will get a monthly rate of pay next year and not a daily one is there any allowance for next year being a leap year ?
asked people (rao staff ) in work but there not sure but only a couple of very junior ones in
I read somewhere that we will get 365.25 days pay per year. they WOULD bring it in in a leap year. (holding onto some of my pay for 3 years, disgraceful)
In fact, as I get out in 2 years I will lose 1/2 days pay - ripping me off again.
If you leave just shy of a February Brads, you'll lose out on more than that.
Not in the Forces any more, but based on the info above they have timed it so that at best you will breakeven. At worst you will lose 3/4's of a days pay
You willget paid 365 and 1 quarter days a year, therefore that 1/4 surprisingly equals a year, so nobody loses!
You willget paid 365 and 1 quarter days a year, therefore that 1/4 surprisingly equals a year, so nobody loses!
DannyBoy said:
You willget paid 365 and 1 quarter days a year, therefore that 1/4 surprisingly equals a year, so nobody loses!

As I said i am out in 2 years so will lose 1/2 days pay, its not rocket science you know.

People who join AFTER 2008 will get what I lose. Simple.
Calculation of Military Salary JSP 754, Chapter 2, Section 1 answers all of the questions.

02.0102. Prior to JPA the military salary was calculated using daily rates of pay. The biggest single effect JPA will have on ‘basic pay’ is the move to annual salaries paid monthly to all personnel other than those paid on an attendance basis who will remain on daily rates. Rates of pay will therefore be expressed as an annual salary which will be divisible by 12. Basic pay will be the same each month, comprising one twelfth of the annual salary, less the appropriate mandatory deductions (e.g. Income Tax and National Insurance). Specialist Pay (SP), allowances and charges will continue to be paid/levied on a daily basis.

02.0103. When salary is due for only part of the month or a change in pay occurs during a month (such as Yearly Incremental Progression (YIP), promotion or Substitution Pay (SUPA)) the relevant part-month payment is calculated by dividing the monthly payment by the number of days in that month and then multiplying the resulting figure by the number of qualifying days. This means that when a pay event(s) occurs mid-month, the total month’s pay will comprise the relevant proportions of the separate rates applicable.

Leap Years

02.0104. With effect from the first leap year after the introduction of JPA (FY 2007/2008), annual salary rates will be adjusted to include an extra one quarter of a day’s pay per year to cover remuneration for the additional day worked in a leap year.
Depending on how you look at it.

Those already in, will be paid for the 29th of Feb after the event. You work 29th Feb 08, then get paid for it up till 2012, then work till 2016.

If you leave the Army in say, 2011 the army owe you 1/4 days pay.

After the system has started, some will pick up some of the money prior to the extra day, others will pick some up prior some up after dependent on when people join. Some will pick up ALL of the cash prior to the day.

Apparently us thick soldiers can't manage under the old system and thus we need some sort of balanced pay. Hence JPA is here to help us.

Well for me that is £24 a year.

Which equates to about 15 - 18 beers in the mess. 36 - 72 beers in Germany.

Is it somethig to cry about?
skintboymike said:
I hate to be a boring tw@, but would a quarter of a day's pay lost every year really something to cry about?
I aint crying.

Just saying what is happening. I would rather it be in my pocket if I am entitled to it!!!!

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