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We have been told in our unit that we aren't having a camp next year, but can choose career courses instead.

Are any other TA units doing this and do you think something might be 'going down'?
When did this happen?

And yes, Career course AAC please, happy to stack blankets or drive, cos me knees hurt every time it looks like rain.

And I love Wokkas :)


having not attended for a while PTP, shall I bring you up to speed?

It has been agreed that there is no camp in 2003. You are to choose a career course instead. This, to me, is great, however, there are rumblings that mobilisation may be on the horizon and that is why a camp hasn't been booked. After all, we are doing a MOBEX on camp this year - is this in preparation for the future?

Bring it on I say, I'd like the chance to deploy.
You should not get to keen to go sit int great arab fa, as it will be messier than the last one and I for one have indicated that I will not be free to do that mobex, did the last one , this one looks thanks
Great mobied at last, shall I get me maps of Jamaica and other Caribbean detachments out, or should I get me sand tray out instead?

Is a letter going out confirming this lot, or shall I book me Arabic language course tonight?

.....and an escape and evasion refresher..........

Fcuking Dubya  :mad:


Well the engineers can generally count on doing a courses camp once every three or four years, we need to because our pay is dependant on having done certain specific training and there are only so many modules that you can do over the course of weekends, some subjects need longer time to teach/practice.. LSB for instance.

For those who are intrested the TA Engineers have been trialling a modular form of training whereby each period of training earns you x ammount of points, to become a class three engineer you need a total of so many points, then to progress to class two  you have to earn so many more, and so on, we also have to earn command points in order to be promoted, these come from things like MOI courses, Cadres etc.  the net result is that in order to progress through the pay bands and the ranks you have to continually learn new skills or develop the skills you have to the maximum level.  Its actually a lot more complicated than that, but if you cna get your head round the concept then it becomes clear why we have to do a courses camp every now and then.

The big rumour when this all started was that it was a trial and that the rest of the TA would adopt the same system (But obviously with different subjects earning the points) if this is the case then it could explain why your doing a courses camp next year....
...a bit negative PTP..........I was led to believe that the TA were positive ...upbeat types?  Maybe not.......


Maybe I'm being a bit cynical then Humph? It just panics people when things happen out of the norm.
I think with Sept 11th happening, the TA are poised and waiting for something to happen.
If it does, then there are many of us who will gladly go out there and serve our Queen and country, but sadly a few that would hand their kit in at the first sign of mobilisation.  :-/
I'll burn in hell for saying this......

Good point Ma...

I'm normally very upbeat, gun oil excites me, but I also have a strong sense, as do a lot of others on this board, as to where my duty lies, when I became a "trusty and valued servant" yadda x 3

My duty, as I percieve it, is not to keep Wall Street in profit, or to help Dubya pay off his Military supply chums, who founded his dubious rise to power

My duty, in an ideal world, is as an extension of HMG's power projection , and the protection of British Lands, people and interests globally.

Incidentally, when was the last time we had to go in somewhere, and the Septics said, "We stand 4 square behind our British Bretheren, our armed forces are at your disposal"

Let me help you, World War 2.Even then,we paid handsomely for it, and still are I believe.

Suez? Get out, otherwise we'll sanction you
Indonesian Confrontation? - We'll supply the other side
Falklands - No assistance whatsoever, cheers Septics, we needed a Carrier.
Sierra Leone? -Yeah Right
Emerald Khazi? - Ditto
Iraq- Allow us to blue on blue your troops, then not have to go to trial over it..

A slight imbalance?

I've made the point before. I think TB went in, on 9/11 to show solidarity with the septics, as did most of the free world. I admit, he probably thought . "There you go Spams, that's what terrorism feels like, now if all your fcuking once-a-year Irishmen, would stop donating to the cause, then the world will be a better place"

So the coailition against Terorism was born, and rightly so.

Unfortunately, the Bluppet didn't see the big picture, or end game. It was never about war on terrorism, but it was all about oil.

Hmmmmmm an airliner into a building, It's Osama. Funny, he denied he was responsible, until about 4 days afterwards.Incidentally, where is he?

Regardless, in we go into Afghan plains, and sort that out. Except, it now appears, that a certain oil pipeline route, has been facilitated, at massive cost savings, by gaining control of the territory. Quelle Surprise....

Now we're looking at Iraq, guess what they've got in abundance? Ditto the other axes of terror, North Korea and Iran.

The British armed forces, exist to protect British people, lands and interests, not septic ones. Our obligation to the Spams, was in relation to NATO, nothing else.

While this crap is going on, a dictator in Africa, is threatening British interests and passport holders, and we're looking at Iraq? Wake up Bluppet, we're liked in the Middle East, especially after Jack Straw (oyvay) told it like it was, much to the horror of the Foreign Office and Israel, but to great jubilation and "yah-wallahs" (wot a geezer) from the shamag wearing element. Bet it didn't do our exports to that neck of the woods any harm either.

Now instead of going into Iraq , on what is a dubious at best premise, let's get in somewhere, where we are NEEDED desperately, or has DeBeers not agreed funding yet?

As regards upbeat and positive? Keen to go,somewhere, which is of benefit to us, the BRITISH people. Having seen first hand, what the average African is capable of, to his fellow African, never mind the "despised" White contingent, we need to get in there, before it turns into Op. Dynamo II , and we're fighting our way in and out again.

PS Humphrey, they have some enourmous railroad bridges that would give you the horn  ;D


I think this has already been done by some units in the North West...KCR springs to mind, where they said to all the boys "you're off to support the 1st Battalion on a TESEX" and told the officers and SNCOs to find a course to do. Needless to say it backfired, thought i'm not sure how they have recovered from it!


If it does, then there are many of us who will gladly go out there and serve our Queen and country, but sadly a few that would hand their kit in at the first sign of mobilisation.  
And what makes these people think they have a fcuking choice!!! Hand your kit and a go to an already over crowed prison more like!!!

P.S. I hate the word camp, can't they come up with something else, something.......well,......... a little less CAMP!!


ok what about two weeks 'getting fcuked about on the ranges for 8 days, getting fcuked about in the field 6 days, 1 day R&R and 1 day adventure training which involves humping a 56lb bergin up and down hills all day and singing 'I love the TA' as you do it.

Is that a more apt description?


I think "Continuous Training Period" is all the rage at the moment...but don't expect HQ LAND to retain a phrase for too long!
getting fcuked about in the field 6 days, 1 day R&R and 1 day adventure training which involves humping a 56lb bergin up and down hills all day and singing 'I love the TA' as you do it.

I thought Bergin was nearer 300lbs :) Soz mate ;D

You forgot, "getting fcuked about in the field for 6 days, because the ruling classes have lost the page marked *clue* " , and what could be an intense, exciting and rewarding 6 days of brass creation rapidly turns into a farce.

1 days adv. training involving cycling all over the bloody place, whilst carrying a 70lb Bergan, on a route that curiously appears to have avoided every pub in the area.

1 days R+R with stern warnings of what will happen, if you kick the Arrse out of the local hostelrys,and getting treated like you're ACF.

Is it my imagination, or were camps, pre-SDR better?

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