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Next Total War Game?

Not much hard info out on the net about this - although CA normally keep things tightly under wraps until the Leipzig Fair in August.

As far as I recall, CA develop TW games in tandem - one team (European and US) on each. Empire was, I think, the latest from the US stable.

My guess would be either an upgrade to Empire (hopefully sorting out the bugs as well) - probably Napoleonic or possibly American Civil War - or a "Rome 2" that has been speculated in forums for some time.

Anyone heard anything?
WW1 in the west - 2 maps: one mud, one ruined town. Pre battle Artillery barrage takes a real time week. recreate the 1st day of the somme, anything under 10,000 dead is a crushing success.
Judging from the quality of the last release, it will be called "Total Fnuck-Up"....

I'd vote for a really good "Rome" update, or perhaps rejig "Empire" to give a much more detailed Napoleonic campaign and/or a really improved "Trafalgar"-type naval game.


It will probably be an Empire expansion. Africa is the only place they missed out on the map, means alot of fighting the italians, frogs and krauts.

I want to see WW1-WW2 in the next game. It would be a bit hard to do though, the rate of advancement was so quick, and I don't know how they would add aeroplanes. Also, seeing as the allied system is so sh1t on total war, there's hardly going to be a fight where Britain, France and America are against Germany and Austria.

I hope it isn't going to be a sh1tty in the future one (or fighting aliens).
I'd see a steady stream of add-ons for Empire being the next step. I reckon they could use the engine to do Napoleonic and ACW without tweaking it unduly. The real question is what do they think will sell best ?
I think WW1 and WW2 would be impractical - the whole scale of combat from 1870 onwards starts to get outside the TW span of command or will have to be unrealistically depicted. Also been done before on a massive scale by lots of other franchises, certainly WW2. Likewise future and fantasy.

One option would be to totally revamp Rome. Some ideas: Manual City building (allowing you to design your own cities and fortresses), Naval Warfare, Accurate Military Evolution (troop types are not retained beyond their historical disappearance - a problem with all total war games - 11th Century knights still available in 1525 etc), Top-end Graphics (pretty well fixed in the latest games but nice to retrofit in Rome); Allied Armies can be fought together on the map (only ever done in the now-forgotten Cossacks - Back to War), etc...
They could always revisit Japan again and do Shogun 2. I think most likely will be a Napoleonic expansion pack, and as others have said hopefully without quite so many bugs. Other areas I would like to see covered; medieval china and 30 years war/ECW.
it will be an Empire expansion. i remember an interview where they explained they work on two concurrent projects. they release them in the sequence of A, A expansion, B, B expansion. so they will be currently working on the empire expansion and the next generation TW.

we most recently had Medieval 2, M2 Kingdoms; then Empire, so it's Empire something next.

personally i think they should take the modern engine and rework both Shogun and Rome. rome was my favourite era and feudal japan a close second. i would buy them both in a heartbeat.

also - reintroduce the titles you can give to favoured lords / generals. made the game much better.
I really liked the new one although the battles weren't as good as the last couple. Personally I'd like to see Rome Total War 2. With the total realism size map because rome total war with the full total realism mod was just awesome

I browsed the total war forums a few days ago. Apparently they're going to offically announce Naploleon: Total War at somepoint this week. Although to be honest, Empire was broken because of the navel battles problem, so I'm not sure if I'll bother.

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