Next strike?



Sorry - I'm a bit behind with the times due to 'being away'.

Can anyone tell me when the next fireman's strike is due? I'll be prepared then for when the regs come and use our TAC and disrupt our training.

Or is it all over now?.......


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This stuff is from Hampshire Fire Brigade, maybe they think they'll actually still get somethng worth having out of this dispute...

Tuesday 28 January 2003 (0900) - Thursday 30 January 2003 (0900)

Saturday 1 February 2003 (0900) - Monday 3 February 2003 (0900)


thanks for that UQ, I'll put it in my diary to be prepared for sh1t training which will be outside (due to regs sleeping, eating, sh1tting in drill hall), lads just shifting furniture about on the drill night as training has been disrupted or it could even be a category 2 training which means 'come in, but we won't pay you'.

I know it's not the regs fault, it just annoys me.

Anyway rant over - Happy New Year!!


SB - The dates have been declared as a technicality to comply with industrial law in order to keep the dispute 'active' - doesn't mean they go ahead, I believe all parties to the dispute are still talking to Acas ... according to 'sources'.


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Think of it this way, you may get****ed about a bit coz of the firemen, but think how stupid they feel as they wave goodbye to their comfy shifts and taxing days off ;D ;D

Happy new year - hope you get lucky  ;)
Guess what, it gets better. Royal Ordnance staff, who make our ammunition have voted to strike in the new year. Apparently BAE, who own the firm, have been making threatening noises regarding the employees final salary pension scheme.

:-[ :-/ :mad:

Looks like we'll be digging up the sand at the end of the range as well as picking up the brass soon. Perfect timing, Saddam will be laughing himself silly.


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Byyyyyy theeeee left, ClusterrrrrrrrFuck!!!!!! :-[
I was reading the Telegraph (Or was it the Guardian) ;) the other day and there was an interesting article in it.  CDS has requested junior rank/rates receive a pay rise.  He used the Firemans strike as an example: Fireman 4 years service 21.5k soldier 12k (Or thereabouts).

Perhaps some good may come of this!

have a look at the "10% - because we're worth it thread" which covers the possible/maybe/not in this millenium pay rise.
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