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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oscar1whisky, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. watching gordon and george today getting pally, the thought struck me "does anyone in britain give a toss about darfur?" not me, certainly.
    anybody? :?:
  2. i was thinking the exact same thing when i heard it on the radio.

    I bet Bush doesn't even know where it is
  3. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Bush might think it is some animal with Dark Fur!

    Ideal for a coat for his wife this Christmas!
  4. I doubt either of the two 'berks' have a clue about much other than how to pose and posture.

    I am wholly opposed to Brown and what he stands for but in a newspaper photograph yesterday he was seen, properly dressed, with Bush. To one side was a smaller picture of the man Bliar and Bush. Brown made Bliar look like the total prat he was and is.

    I nominate Bliar to be 'walt-in-chief-in-perpetuity' on ARRSE.
  5. Why is Britain getting involved in Dofar Again? haven't we had enougH of fighting in the middle east?
  6. Clearly intervention is beyond our resources currently but I think there are solid reasons to get involved. Stopping genocide and reversing the ethnic cleansing are clear humanitarian justification and I'd also expect Africa to be the next big front in TWOT or whatever it's called this week. When we clear out of Iraq those jihadis will want to go somewhere.
  7. I guess that the former Chancellor of the Exchequer may be looking to get his money's worth out of all the dessies he's had to order.....

    The Africa Union don't seem to be doing an awful lot of good out there at the moment - the Sudanese Gov't have refused to let them into the area of contention. Russia has been supplying both helos and fixed-wing transport a/c in support of interdiction activities of the Christian 'rebels'. These are the 'rebels' that object to their villages being razed to the ground by Muslim militia.

    Unless there is a real invitation from the Sudanese (unlikely!) I can't see us getting mixed up in another (mainly) Muslim country without upsetting the UN.

    Then again, when has that ever stopped the US, especially when there's oil to be had? Sorry, I of course meant oppression to be stopped....

    Do we really have the support infrastructure in place or a friendly country to work out of? Looking at the maps, Saudi is just over the Red Sea and Kenya borders onto Sudan - would anyone want to get dragged into another 'crusade' on the side of the Great Satan?
  8. What was it my first Drill Instructor used to tell me? "That's never six inches, your girlfriend's been lying to you!"

    Where does he think he's going to get the troops from? The NI 'peace dividend' will only help ease the current pressure that's causing such a massive haemorrage of trained personnel. If they're just diverted somewhere else, it won't solve anything.

    Another case of a politician not realising the tools at his disposal aren't big enough for the job.
  9. Erm - D(h)ofar is in the Gulf (Southern Oman) and Darfur is in Western Sudan.
  10. Remember no one elected Brown, aprt from his own party.

    Sadly Blair was elected 3 bloody times!!
  11. Rickshaw all I can say is large net scoops big fish
  12. *Look up from Green scope thingy*

    Sir? The WAHDAR has shown a Large blip in the vicinity of Rickshaw should I scramble a WEST* team?

    *WAH Emergency Situation Team

  13. Our responsibility to the Sudan ended in 1956 - when they wanted us out and we left (in reasonably good order). We knew it would go tits. The poor southern blacks also knew it would go tits when the Arabs took control of the admin from the north. Result? Cake + Arse = Party time. I would rather we sorted out our own lamentable domestic affairs before getting all colonial... again. If we really must kick arrse on the Dark Continent, then Zimbabwe really has to be the first stop.
  14. Except that Zimbabwe , like the Sudan, didn't want us either. If we're not careful Brown will b eworse fro the Services than Bliar was. Let's not forget that he's a minister's son and he has this religious zeal and wants to put the world right, with our money.