Next stop Ukraine...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Nov 24, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. tell me they got rid of their Nukes? Didnt the yanks do a deal a while back?
  3. Bollox and to think I was considering moving to Poland, just a bit too near for comfort 8O
  4. 8O Not the best piece of news to read right after a documentary on missing Soviet nukes. now excuse me, I must go and order a lot of cement for my bunker...
  5. Can you get a 1000 Tonnes form B&Q? :?
  6. No but you can buy plywood and duct tape for aroun £20. i hear they have as much effect against a nuclear blast as concrete at only a fraction of the price.
  7. Sec. of State Colin Powell is moving in quickly to calm the troubled waters.

    He said:

    1. The US government finds the outcome of the election to be "unacceptable."

    2. The outcome would have "consequences" for the relationship between the USA and the Ukraine.

    3. The Ukraine government was warned to refrain from using force against election protestors.

    "Ukraine Political Crisis Deepens" 24 November 2004

    I have read elsewhere that the US government is taking the position, based upon the discrepancy between exit polls and the announced vote totals, that the election was fraudulent.
  8. Discrepancy between exit pols and ballots cast... unexpected winner... possibility of fraud...where have I heard that before? :twisted:

    Next thing they'll be telling us that people were unexpectedly struck off the electoral roll and that the ballot papers were confusing. :roll:
  9. We've seen the American way of moving in quickly to calm muddled waters.
    I reckon they should keep their fukking nose out of it.
    Who the hell are they to warn anyone to
    They are engaged in civil disobedience and rebellion against the powers that be aren't they (much as in Iraq :?: ). Questioning election manipulation is pot calling the kettle black isn't it. Colin Powell's ok but they really should shut the fukc up for a bit.
  10. Some of the regions have been returning results of 98% of the vote to the incumbant govt (according to the BBC World service last night) despite the fact that pre-election polling showed a 46-54 voteing trend.

    Actually I think some of the other posters are wrong on this; it is our business to stick our noses in. If this result stands it will signal a drift back to a soviet bloc centred on Russia. This is clearly a serious situation for the Ukrainians.

    Unconfirmed late report on the BBC WS stated Russian paratroopers had landed at Ukrainian airfield outside the capital. Probably wild rumour but entirely capable of causing panic.

    How is it the Russians can muster a regiment of paratroopers in 6hrs and relocate them to a neighbouring country but were unable to do the same over 5 days at Breslin to save Russian school children?
  11. Perhaps because they had plenty of advanced warning! :twisted:
  12. WARSAW (Reuters) - Ukrainian opposition activist Borys Tarasyuk told Poland's parliament on Thursday that Russian commandos were in Kiev and could clash with demonstrators, but Moscow dismissed the accusation as nonsense.
    Tarasyuk, a close aide to liberal opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, who argues he was robbed of victory in weekend polls by fraud, said Russian 'spetsnaz' commandos were deployed near presidential buildings.
  13. Last thing i saw was that the guys who was bumped out of the election (the opposition) had tried to bring on a general strike and to get the population to take part in civil disobedience.

    If this starts and the govt use the army or police to control the people with bullets, it could get ugly sharpish!!!

    I think the yanks may have something to say if the Spaz truly have dropped into Ukraine to protect the government buildings

    agent smith
  14. Ah well at least they make some damn good Vodka there so it'll be a bit more civilised than the sandy place :lol: