Next stop - Somalia!

And you thought we were going to help the yanks and issies with those nasty Iranians!

EU declares land forces will be deployed in ops against Somali pirates...


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"Fetch Officer Over"
"Officer listening"
"Fire Mission.........

and those worlds to excite all Gunnery Officers

4.5 ENGAGE!!!!!

On a serious note this is perfect Littoral Warfare, sea based Raids with minimal ashore footprint. Naval Fires, AH from LPH, small groups of troops using STOM tactics to get in get out.


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uhoh - Effrica - very nasty...lots of stinging biting wee unpleasant things, no water, filled with locals doing unpleasant things to each other.

You're going to be sorry...
Is Somilia dusty, or all jungle like in the Tarzan films? I need to know whether to air out my tropical combats and jungle boots or MTP (or does MTP now cover jungles too?).

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