Next step ADSC

My son passed his formal interview at the AFCO this morning. The Sgt said hed call in the next couple of days to arrange his ADSC days. Should be going to Glencorse in the next couple of weeks. Im as proud as anything. Hes 17 1/2 years old and has really matured over the last six months or so. He was a bit of a problem teen ager before then, even moved out for 9 months. But hes settled down,and moved back in with us, and grown up alot.
I helped him prerare for his interview, and he really did lots of research and prep.
We are training together aswell at the gym, and hes running lots aswell.

His trade choices at the moment are
1st Armoured Engineer
2nd REME vehicle Mechanic

He knows hell have to do well at Glencorse when he does the exams, hes started doing prep and revison for that.

fingers crossed everything goes well.

His best mate from school, who joined the Fuseliers a year or so ago, is loving Army life and may be off to sandy places this year.

This recruiting process has made a massive difference to my son, and therefore to my family.
Congratulations! Gotta be a good feeling when you've jumped through all the hoops and all's that's left is getting stuck in.

My medical was posted off this morning so I'm just crossing my fingers that everything is above board there, then I'll be on my way too!

Can't bloody wait.

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