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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by R3me_Kid, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. I've Just handed over my medical forms to my local ACO, I was just wondering what happens next?

    do they look at them? or is it sent to somebody else?, and then afta that??? what next??, just thought it would be good to prepare and get the process as quick as poss'
  2. they get posted to an ADSC doctor to clear them

    once there cleared, and ya references have come back... the ACIO will ask u to come in for a job brief.. look at what ya can apply for

    have a think about then ring them with ya 3 job choices

    then 1st interview.. 2nd interview.. RSC .. oath... phase 1 trainin.
  3. ive already told them my choices, well they gave me booklets on my three choices, i guess i just have to confirm them? are you actually in the army then? or u get this info off DVD lol
  4. not yet

    had my job brief on friday

    ringing ACIO tomorrow to arrange 1st interview, will be sometime this week

    went and bought a load of new stuff especially for it before :D
  5. new stuff? interview clothes??
  6. yeah spent about £130 in next

    new shirt.. tie.. pants.. shoes

    i've already got some like.. thought i'd get new stuff though
  7. cool, ive seen the DVD n stuff, some people where the overjacket too, does that look too desperate?
  8. dunno what u mean by desperate

    go as smart as ya can.. first impressions count
  9. I would have thought the most logical thing would have been to ask this question when you were handing your forms in.
    After all they are the people dealing with you application.
    No points for you in the initiative test!!!
  10. actually i did ask :p but none of the sergents were in and they jus left this private guy around n he sed erm i dunno, jus wait for a phone he didnt know much about it either
  11. Just go as smart as you can, no need to go out and buy new things. Ckean shirt and trousers clean shoes is ok.