Next series of Big Brother to be the last

Yes the sooner this "reality tv" shite dies off the better, give me "The Wire, venture bros, deadwood, BSG, breaking bad ect ect" over all this fake reality crap with no name "celebrities" sucking my will to live.


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can we talk the producers into arming the contestants seeing as it's the last one? :)
Tax_Tw-t said:

Thank fcuk for that!! I just wish they weren't doing the next series either.
It's a crying shame.

If only they had recorded the version that I suggested to Endemol.

After an exhaustive nationwide search, a shortlist of the UK's most irritating wannabe freaks is drawn up. ('Look at me' types who would slit their old mum's throat to get on the box for 5 mins).

You then take the aforementioned creeps an stick them in the big brother house for 2 months. However you don't bother shooting any of it. Just leave the f uckers in there.

The only time you film them is when they are released, blinking into the daylight, to discover nobody has a clue who they are.

Bloody Endemol - no imagination.
First Kennedy dead and now this... the only way that my mood could get any better is if Cyclops goes on a murder suicide spree at The Labour Party conference.
The_Coming_Man said:
First Kennedy dead and now this... the only way that my mood could get any better is if Cyclops goes on a murder suicide spree at The Labour Party conference.
Or stop showing 'Underage and Pregnant' - that programme has me shouting at the TV like my father in full Oswald Mosely mode.
I like bigeye's suggestion as it would be more legal than mine which essentially is the same, but locking up the house all together & forgetting about the "housemates" completely.

One of the best bits of TV I saw last year was that "Dead Air" thing when the zombies took over...
For the final series they could have some sort of deathmatch extravaganza - take all the contestants from previous series, tool them up and let them loose on each other. Last one to die, wins.
A la "Battle Royale"... sounds promising.

They should definitely have a second big brother house, if you get voted out, you go sit in the dirty one until the show is over, no celebrity status for a month or so, and people have forgotten you by the time you get out.

Then again, in a perfect world they'd just air: "Jurassic Brother", 20 housemates, 5 raptors, 8 weeks... Tune in.
Has Gordon Brown made a statement yet? He usually isn't slow to comment on major events like this.

Of course minor ones, like releasing a convicted terrorist back to Libya can be pushed off into the long grass.
Thank Fcuk For That. Simples

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Did anyone see that episode of Dr Who where they did a Big Brother parody set in the future and if the person was voted off they where incinerated to a crisp. Now that would be worth watching. Vote for the one you want to die!


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They could save money on the next series by throwing tem in there without food. Last one that does not get eaten by the others is the winner and they get to enjoy death by starvation.

Alternatively - have a short series where they put the contestants in with a pride of hungry lions and the last one not to get eaten wins. Their prize - they get to be eaten by a lion. Simples.
Does that mean Davina will no longer have any money to snort her coke ?

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