Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by waterman, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. Well do you think the next protest could be about the price of fuel ?, the goverment keep blaming the fuel companies, but this is just a smoke screen. as one of the fuel company execs said if they gave us the fuel free we in the UK will still pay over 80p a ltr because of out taxes. So we are the mugs eh. 8O
  2. It last kicked off over fuel in 2000 when diesel hit 80p a litre, it's now over 150% of that. At that time oil cost $30 a barrel. I can't see it myself but you never know.

    Edit- There is a proposed strike on 1st May 2010 planned to coincide with the election according to wiki.
  3. Maybe the population are so used to being raped that they don't realise they're being raped any more, or maybe they're just resigned to the next raping.
  4. There is a viral doing the rounds at the moment that suggests a mass boycott of Esso/Shell/BP for 6 months or until they drop their prices to an acceptable level (all other suppliers OK ....for the moment) in order to hurt parts of the cartel and make them turn on each other. :evil:
  5. The last fuel protests failed, nothing will happen any time soon.
  6. There are far more things going wrong now; national debt, Afghanistan, milk production, the welfare bill, etc etc etc.
  7. Fuel price has nothing to do with oil price. 75% of the cost of fuel is tax, why kick off about the oil companies?
  8. And you're taxed twice for the fuel you buy. I'm sure the EU's banned that kind of thing :x
  9. A day to get the bikes out.

    This is a notification to get something out and around the UK about the upcoming protest.

    This is no ordinary Protest this will be on may the 1st and be a national protest we are urging people on the 1st of may "May-Hem" just before our general election and during the campaigns etc, to make their way down to their big city town hall's closest to them to show their anger against the rise in tax on fuel duty.
  10. Protest all you want, just direct your ire at the real target. Don't accept the target you are given.
  11. That Email has been going around for at least 5 years and is total bollocks.
  12. Thirty nine British Pounds.

    I will state that again.....

    Thirty Nine British Pounds

    That is how much it now costs me to fill up my bloody motorcycle with normal unleaded fuel.....a motorcycle.

    I feel real sympathy for those of you that drive cars that are not hamster powered.
  13. Doesn't make it any less worth a try,but I bow to your superior insight.I'll call you on your mobile on Monday :lol:

    You can get my my mobile number from REMFQuestions.
  15. You're taxed thrice. VAT on the fuel, duty on the fuel then VAT on the duty.

    With a warm summer predicted and minimal price rises on Carlsberg Special Brew, I'd wager that the 'summer of unrest' predicted by the Home Office lies in wait.

    If Labour get back in at the election, it'll be race riots involving the short haired gentlemen of the English Defence League.

    If the Tories get in, it'll be various union barons marshalling their troops in protest over job cuts.