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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by elvislives, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. All this talk of Gordon Brown taking over as the Prime Minister got me thinking (it hurt!)

    What if the people of this country don't want him as Prime Minister?

    I know I don't.
  2. Most people in the country didn't want Bliar or any of the rest of his shameful gang of lickspittles - unfortunately, they didn't turn out to vote, whilst Neu Arbeit mobilised it's moronic voters en-masse - but then they'd vote for a dog turd if it stood for Labour.
  3. The short answer to your question- nothing.
  4. What was the alternative? A vampire from Swansea (sorry, Gorseinon) who did more than most to demonstrate the ineptitude of the previous Tory government?
  5. He won't, he didn't have the balls to take on tony the past four years and now he has left it too late. Reid is preparing a bid and so is Millbank, the New Liebour congress in Nov will savage everybody and implode. Brown is pretty incompetant financially as we will see in the forthcoming American recession, he's really not suited to major league stuff - top tip start clearing your high interest bearing debts now (credit cards etc) because next year is going to be very tight.
  6. Elections do not decide the Prime Minister, they decide the ruling party. It is up to the parties to decide who their leader will be prior to the election, he then becomes Prime Minister if the party wins. If the Labour Party decide they want Brown as their Leader, then we get Brown as Prime Minister whether we like it or not. We have to trust that the political party we have voted in to power will select the right man for the job.
  7. I will register my VOTE, by writting " None of yu are worth my vote across the paper", they must declare spolt vote. The other idiots are not worth it, but I do go to register my vote.
  8. It should have spelt "you", it willbe correct on the day
  9. Nice pedantry!
  10. I hope we have a coup by then, Call me Dave is looking to lefty at the moment as welll.
  11. In the single-ideology totalitarian state it makes no difference who the Prime Minister is!

    He wields absolute monarchical power which an enfeebled Parliament is unable to call to account!

    Elections are merely the legal tinsel used to exchange one Colonial Governor for another in our own country!
  12. Armchair, Hmmm yeah i see what you mean about G Brown. Im sure he will show his metal during the next American recession - that being his job and all.

    Frankly I have to agree with the majority of post's on this, they are all as bad as each other, aslong as in the next election no one from the Stop the "blinking" war coalition gets a seat in the house I really don't care. Last election one of the candidates in my area was a Hussain al-tikriti, which for you less educated slack jaws means his last name is Hussain and he is from Tikrit, YES you got it he is related to America's bezzi mate Saddam.

    Gets you thinking..........

    Bloody George Galloway.