Next Premiership Manager.......

Hate to say it being a Red fan, but I think Rafa might be near the front of the queue.
Who cares? They are all on big paying contracts,whatever happens to them.The fans are just financial cannon fodder.
jimmys_best_mate said:
There's also no way Mourinho will come to us with no money to spend and a squad that needs work.
They're always on about Klinsmann in the press. I reckon he's more chance of taking over than 'the special one'.
The question is always going to be who would replace the sacked manager.

So for Hull, who are in the relegation places, who the fcuk would they get to take over given that (a) the club is sh1te and (b) Hull is a sh1tehole?

For Liverpool, the Yanks couldn't afford to sack him anyway given his contract, but who would want to come in to a cash strapped fading giant which is what Liverpool is at the moment. They couldn't afford anyone good enough once they had paid the Spanish waiter off.

Quite often the next manager sacked is one that was slightly unexpected. What about Mourinho to replace Mancini at Man City at the end of the season?

Having said that, Portsmouth, Bolton and West Ham are all looking to be in fairly unhappy situations at present.
jimmys_best_mate said:
If Klinsmann takes over, we're f*cked.
So, so true! But everyone thinks he's the bee's knees.


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Why do we still refer to Managerd as 'Managers' instead of 'Coaches'. They are now like continental coaches, running nothing, buying nothing, just fcuking about running training sessions waiting for a P45 and the next game of musical chairs to start.
nottotouchtheearth said:
Yep hes gone, mark hughes favorite to take over......... that sky sports presenter is fit shes just made me day
Mark Hughes favourite to take over, I think he'd sort the team out fairly sharpish and bring them back on track......fingers crossed.
Are there any Burnley fans out there?

What do you think off brian laws?

Sacked (by mutual consent) for being poor in the championship, to premier league?

Is this the way a new team to the premiership should promote theirselves, or is there something we don't know?

Or, as I suspect, all a new team can afford, due to the high financial aspects that involve top flight football.

And, what do you think of the previous managers defection to Bolton? Money? Previous loyalty? A future prospect he would not get at turf moor (at a team lower placed??)

For a team with such history, is this a black book in your annuals, from what should be a celebrated season?
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