Next PM (A)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Duty_Fed, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Good for Officers

  2. Bad for Officers

  3. Good for ORs

  4. Bad for ORs

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  5. Good for all

  6. Same crap, different day


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  1. Well shock, horror Fast Eddie has been selected as the next PM (A). :D or :cry: Only time will tell!
  2. Regular visitor to Bicester is he?
  3. Is'nt that supposed to be a secret?
  4. It is to them, just don't tell them everone else knows about their strange veiled activities involving young men, lots of young men.
  5. Young men are you kidding me? It makes the old n bold look like an early learning centre!
  6. that's what goes through the front door, the young men enter through the rear, in every sense of the word.
  7. I bow to your greater knowledge
  8. Its oK I am not of that pursuasion so nothing to be gained from bending over
  9. Sorry force of habit!
  10. I don't know mate....Queenie did alright out of it.
  12. Yep, particularly when so many former RMP Officers, preferred 'mixing it' with young boys. Allegedly.
  15. I hope he does go further: I like him.