Next Herrick deployment units announced

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ssupersixfour, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. No surprise to those involved but the next rotation for Herrick has been announced.

    MoD News item

    Interesting there seems to be a large number of 'elements of' units: is that just to fuller disclosure than in the past or is that because it's increasingly a struggle to find fully-manned units?
  2. You're right. Certainly a lot of 'elements' of in there.

    The extract that gets my attention:

    Volunteer and Regular members of the reserve forces will continue to deploy to Afghanistan as part of this integrated force package, and we expect to have eventually issued in the order of 750 call-out notices to fill over 600 posts. On completion of their mobilisation procedures, the reservists will undertake a period of training and, where applicable, integration with their respective receiving units. The majority will serve on operations for six or seven months, although some may have shorter tours.

    Should I warn the mrs off for a Brown Envelope now?
  3. Some of those elements are from units which are not needed in their entirety eg. 39 Regt RA (who operate the MLRS- only four of those in theatre) or 21 Signal Regt (Air Support). Others are to bring understrength units up to strength, either through lack of manpower or other commtments- QRL will probably give a squadron or two to the Household Cavalry (who have two squadrons in Iraq at the moment , neither of which will be available for Herrick).
  4. Only elements of 3 Regt AAC, 9 Regt AAC? Interesting.
  5. Some sort of Pick'n'mix tactic. Disguises that fact that we do not have enough formations manned and organised properly for tasks. If we keep juggling elements, how long before the bean-counters start questioning need for proper formed brigades and divisions. Lets have a manpower version of whole fleet management -much cheaper.

    Interesting to see two infantry companies under OPCOM of a Danish BG. How totally European!

    Upshot is that lots of individulas will be deployed, inevitibly breaching tour intervals without government being seen to be breaking harmony guidelines for units.
  6. Several of the Units providing 'elements', especially RA, R Sigs and RLC have highly specialised roles. Some, though not all, will only ever deploy these days in low numbers, often smaller than sub Unit size.
  7. Doubt it mate as 52 bde should have just about finished their optag now.

    A large element was on ex up until last week (just ask the guards about the little blank/live mix up) with a few more bits and bobs ongoing.

    Although stranger things have happened.
  8. All in all it looks a lot bigger than 12 X and certainly bigger than 3 CDO X.

    One important thing is that the Danes have increased their commitment to HTF from a Coy to a BG. I know they got a bit of a bad press during 16 AA Bde's deployment but certainly no complaints when I was there - welcome news indeed.
  9. Looks like pick and mix to me.

    I only hope everyone gets home safe and in one piece.
  10. Can anyone actually give the mission statement for this deployment?
  11. Anyone else spot the real whopper in this paragraph:
    Read the list carefully, and tell me how many of them are 52 Inf Bde units!

    If I look really carefully, I may be able to add to the Green Howards...

    In response to the original question at the very top. It's a bit of both. :D