Next Generation ARRSE Mugs - Mr MH


  • Yes I'll probably buy a normal mug

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  • Yes I'll probably buy a thermal mug

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  • Yes I'll probably buy both

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  • Maybe - I'm picky so I'll wait and see

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  • No

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A very quick poll. Would you buy a Mr MH mug? Picking a figure from the air as I haven't got quotes yet, lets say £5 for a normal mug, £10 for a good quality thermal mug.

About time to get something fresh into the shop!
I would buy a normal mug, not much use for a thermal one in my job these days.
I'd definitely buy a normal ARRSE mug. But Cabana's idea with a pint glass ain't bad either.

Cabana said:
How about a pint ARSSE glass?
Now who in their right mind wouldn't want an arrse pint?

Wonder if I could get some arrse port glasses for the mess.?
I'd probably buy a mug for me and a pint glass for the boy!
OK, enough support to get this rolling. I'll go for large straight forward mugs. Olive green with white logo / text if I can get them.
I'd certainly go for a normal mug and possibly a thermal as well. It'd depend on the design.
like the idea of a pint glass, would probably get a coffee mug as well
Like the pint idea, the mug is a given & thinking ahead to where the family and I want to be this time next year a thermal mug is also on the list!

Much more expensive but how about a pewter tankard - on one side you could have an engraved Mr. MH and if you were so inclined an engraved regt badge of your choice on the other...

deffo the mug
i can put it on the mantlepiece opposite the old logo mug
and the thermal for the commute into work would be nice too

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