Next General Election

Who would you vote for in the next election?

  • Conservative

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  • Labour

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  • Liberal Democrat

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  • Green

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  • UKIP

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  • Ulster Unionist

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  • Democratic Unionist

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  • Sinn Fein

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  • SDLP

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  • BNP

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  • Total voters
What next General Election?
Oh you mean the govenments plan to call off the Elections becuase of the impending terrorist attack, Indicated by the No10 inteligence Deparment?


War Hero
3 votes for the BNP :roll:
ViroBono said:
3 votes for Labour :roll: :roll:
:D nice one viro

When will people learn?

I will wait till nearer any future election before deciding (as it depends on what they do between now and then and what they propose to do), but i wont ceny that going on present form it WILL NOT be labour!
Remember, ladies and gents, going by the votes on ARRSE preceding the last general election, the Tories looked like stuffing the rest.

However, it was miles off. We, the army, are far more conservative (with a small 'c') that the general population. We also seem to despise authority, despite our role as servants of the crown.

But...the Tories will win the next election. Common sense tells us that we'll be well overdue a change by then and the public will agree.

Remember that, it doesn't matter who you vote for...the government always get in. And some posh git who went to a snobby school will end up the top dog.


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