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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DMSDAVE, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Can Labour win the next election ? It might sound like a stupid question,but the electorate are very fickle,what are your opinions?
  2. Yes. But it looks unlikely.
  3. Whilst not impossible, it'll probably only happen in the reign of Queen Dick.
  4. Not a chance, wont get in the election after that either, 10 years in the wilderness for labour.
    By then the Conservatives will be well on their way to fcuking everything up, having affairs and embezzling.

    Same old, same old. :x
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! :D

    Let's face it, they've got about as much chance of plaiting snot.

    'Lessons have been learned'.
  6. Depends if they can convince the 8 ACE drinkers to come out of the council box while Jeremy Kyle isn't on and go and vote for more free cash.
  7. I'd like to see labour lose most of their seats in parliament and become a fringe party, the debt they have run up is more than 1 year of GDP.
  8. No one is owed a living, especially anyone that is either in the Labour Party or works for a local council.. They're all raving Champagne Socialist that live by double standards.

    That's my two peneth...!
  9. It will be their biggest defeat they have ever experienced then gone into political oblivion for 10 or so years.
  10. The problem is that only crazy people voted Labour last time, so it is very hard to predict what they will do next time.

    I am hoping that the BNP will split the moron vote, pushing Labour into oblivion. However, the “donkey with a red rosette syndrome” is alive and well in the north.

    The other, slight, possibility is that the Conservatives will get their act together and cause all the ex Conservative voters who have stayed at home for the last 3 elections to vote this time.
  11. I personally won't be voting for any of them!

    In fact are any of them worth voting for?
  12. Can Labour come third?

    Yes, the unthinkable is certainly possible.

    Labour party slips to 3rd place
    LONDON - BRITAIN'S beleaguered ruling Labour Party has dropped to third place in voting intentions for the first time in over 25 years, according to a poll published on Tuesday.

    The survey came ahead of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's keynote speech to the party's annual conference, seeking to rally Labour ahead of elections next year it is widely tipped to lose.

    According to the Ipsos polling institute, the main opposition Conservatives - whose youthful leader David Cameron hopes to oust Labour after 13 years in power - came top on 36 per cent.

    The Liberal Democrats, Britain's third party, came second on 25 per cent followed by Labour on 24 per cent, according to the survey of some 1,000 adults polled earlier this month.

    The last time Ipsos put Labour in third place was in April 1982, when the Conservatives had 35 per cent, the LibDems 33 and Labour 30 per cent.

    Brown, who succeeded Tony Blair as head of the Labour Party and prime minister in June 2007, is struggling to avoid a humiliating defeat in elections due by next June at the latest.

    As Blair's 'Iron Chancellor' he oversaw a decade-long economic boom, but the global financial crisis has plunged Britain into deep recession, followed by his poll ratings. -- AFP
  13. Labour heading into the outer darkness is not, if the polls are to be believed, as likely as some might think. They need to gain 34% of the vote to deny the Tories an outright majority (this assumes that the Lib Dems don't somehow lose 10% to Cameron between now and polling day).

    This is because the way in which the consituencies have been drawn up (and this is nothing, repeat nothing, to do with gerrymandering by the government, but the way things have worked out), the Tories have to win a far greater percentage of the vote to gain a majority than Labour does to hang on for a hung parliament.

    As things stand, and depending upon which analysis you go with, the Tories are projected a majority of between 30 and 75 (ish). That means that the Tories are still some way short of a landslide and gives Labour somewhere in the region of 200-230 MPs. That isn't oblivion.

    Things can change quite dramatically, of course, dependent upon a whole host of unknown factors ranging from the PM falling under a bus through to the turnout - if swathes of voters decide not to turn out in key locations, all the polling in the world won't give you a clue to the actual result...
  14. Nige

    Is this the IPSOS MORI poll that suggests that labour are down 2 points to 24% and the LIb Dems up 8 points to 25%, with the Tories on 36%.

    Is this the poll that suggests that the Tories are down 7 percentage points, to just 12 % behind Labour and 11% behind the LIb Dems?

    Oh woe is Dave, sad is the face of Gordon.

    Another good day for us :D
  15. The Lib Dems could be the key, if they target Tory seats then Gordon Brown stands a chance of still being PM albeit in a coalition with the Lib Dems, if on the other hand they target Labour seats they stand a good chance of being HM's loyal opposition under a Tory goverment, that then puts them five years (max) away from a shot at number one. With Labour still a twitching corpse they'd have a good chance.