Next Director

Good job this is my last year in the TA. Can't have brekkers in the mess withou Tommy sauce on me cornflakes.
Dave, maybe we should try and get light blue ketchup, then his worship, the airworthy one, may not ban the said ketchup. Then again..........who knows.

Does anyone know who the next director is going to couldnt be Col*n Duns*omb* or his wife J*ll by any chance????
No Kenr, it's not CD. I don't think that you'd know the person in question.
Muttley said:
Heard that the next director may well be banning ketchup from all Corps locations...... :lol: :lol: :lol:
All I can say is f*****g hell if it is him god help the Corps coz the only person he is interested in is himself.
If CD became Daavn, the world would finally end!
Wonder what they will do with the extra space across the road? New version of Choppers (fire proof)?

Would it be a good thing or a bad thing?

Step forward or a step or two back?
Remember present DAAVN when he was just a young Lieutenant, say one thing for him he allways remembers people dont know the new one apart from the tomato sauce fiasco and that he used to belong to a Regiment that wears skirts
Current Top Dog has been extended for another year to sort things out. 3 names in the frame to replace him.
Something about seeing someone spreading ketchup on their toast at brekky in the mess. He thought it was un-officerly and so banned tommy ketch from being put out at brekfast.
You must have seen some funny periods then......

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