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For those not already aware, I am coordinating arrangements for those who wish to avail themselves of copious quantities of ale and significant high-jinks at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. The Fair, between 31 Aug and 04 Sep, is quite a large event, but has the drawback of clogging up the roads around Dorset with Traction Engines managing a whole 3mph flat out!!

Those who wish to visit above event, it is intended to gather a group of ARRSE'rs on Sat 3rd Sep and invade said Fair. All accommodation at Ghosties has already been pre-booked, but there are plenty of options - PM for further details.

Can we have a show of hands of those who are likely to make it?

As a concurrent activity during Saturday day, Blandford has its own brewery, and if the numbers are suitable I will look into arranging a tour :lol:

Names etc on a postcard.......

I think i'm up for it, Breasted Brigadier dependent. I'll probably stay with the family on the Fair camp site, and meet you there. But for all that is merciful, dont influct the Badger Brewary tour on us!!

Mighty_doh_nut said:
DozyBint said:
Thanks MDN... :roll: :lol: (Stop talking to Cuts - he's obsessed!)
I didn't.... Cuts told Stoatman, Stoatman told BBC, BBC told Dale and Dale told NATO......

Is it true then, are you a pea flicker? :D
No it's not, but I do like sniffing boxes, which is what Cuts told Stoaty... Chinese Whispers & all that... :D :lol:
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