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Hello everyone out there,

I'm new to this forum, though I've found loads of interesting information on the site over the past few months.
Basically my situation is the following: I have past recruit selection at ADSC Pirbright back in October and got my first choice which was Parachute Regiment. A few days after ADSC I was contacted by my Army Careers Advisor and was given 6 Jan 2008 as my intake date, then just today I received a phone call from the ACIO stating that there had been problems with that intake and that it had to be cancelled. My new intake date is 27 Jan, which all in all is not too bad at all as it's only 21 days from the previous one. It got me wondering though, what sort of problems could there have been with the first intake? Not enough recruits perhaps? Anyone's got a clue? Plus, is there anyone else out there in my same situation (anyone starting CIC PARA on 27 Jan)?

Thanks in advance
Could have been for any number of reasons. Good luck with the course mate, you're going to need it. Just remember it is passable, and you'll be a better bloke on the other side of it ;) .
Cheers guys,

Yeah Spanish i know what Im getting myself into..and just can't wait! I've wanted to wear teh maroon beret since I was 14 but fcuked up after school and got myself into all sorts of dead end jobs. Im so glad i finally made the decision and walked through the ACIO back in summer telling them i wanted to be a para. Last thing i want is to be a regretful old fcuk wondering "what my life would have been like if.." for the rest of my days.
Ill definitely be posting on my progress.
Good luck with the course, remember an old saying, and the old meaning behind it;
Mind over matter.
Hi mate, yeap same thing happend to me i was due to be starting 6th jan, now starting 27th, my recruiting srgt said 'there wasnt enough stupid people wanting to attempt it' lol
what training have you been doing, where abouts are you from??
Thx for the words of encouragement,

Being a Para is what I've always wanted. I'll have to be dead before i give up, no matter what it takes.

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