Next Cardiff Pish Up - 01 July 06

I'm in for the next one if anybody's up for it.

June maybe?
Let the good times flow! hic! :D

Ah ......... & then there were 2!
Lazymedic, you is on. I'll post a date here soon, when I've checked me work rostas for the next month or two mate.

come on Arrse'sers, plenty more room in the bars & loads of beer to drink!
I suppose I could hop on the happy loco from Newport!
So we now have 3, maybe 4. this is starting to look good.

first of all, this is an informal pish up!
1. There arn't any!
2. I am not responsable for: anything broken, lost, anyone hurt, loses of stuff-especialy clothing & virginities !& the knocking off of any Police Offciers helmets!
3. Dress, tbd (but nothing extra special please) & if any booties attend, no 'naked bar' (unless optional)! I don't want to be baned from some of my favorite bars! :D . I'd surggest shoes, tidy jeans & a non-sports wear top if you intend to stay out late.
We may want to consider a stupid something as a recognition thing i.e walk in, everyones wearing 'horny little devil' horns on their head-ah thats the arrsers then, rather than walk in & ask 200 times are you with the arrse group! thou, that could be funny actualy (& a bit dangerous if the VC are in!)
4. Cost-beer, food, kebab money-up to you. Hay, Lazymedic, your a student, you should know some cheap places to drink, as well as wetherspoons.
5. Anyone feel free to offer surggestions please. The plan (we have a plan? :D ) is very flexable & the more imput we have by all, the more fun the afternoon / night will be, I am sure.

right, the next question is when. lets have a look.
hows about Saturday 01 July 06? I'm off nights that morning, so if we look at an afternoon meet, to go on to the last man standing / drinking / till we get kicked out (delete as applicable) !

RV in the Prince of Wales (the big weatherspoons in the City Centre). Close to the Station & easily found by those not familier with the City & cheap to start off the night. If everyone is in agreament with meeting here, then it might be an idea to meet at a deffinit point within, i.e the left side of the ground floor bar or similar as the POW is a big place & must have an average of 200+ persons drink inside on a saturday afternoon.
Can't say I'm not tempted actually. Is there a list of those currently attending? Its a short train ride for me.
Xplosiverab said:
Can't say I'm not tempted actually. Is there a list of those currently attending? Its a short train ride for me.
the only list is the posts on here at the moment, Xplosiverab, mate.
has anyone more details on whats gonna happen dates times meeting points in the pub let me know
If I get a chance later today, after I get the other plans & stuff done that are in my 'in tray' so to speak, then I will post a final draft plan for everyones approval. :)
So we have those who seem to be deffinate:


& a maybe if their back in Blighty:


The plan is to follow shortly. why do I get volunteered to be the Ops bod for this?
the scene: right, you 'orrible lort, you are having a p###-up in Cardiff ar' yee? whos in charge of the plan?
all step back as one leaving poor press_it out the front ............. oh, cheers lads!
well, if I can organise Exercise weekends at Sennybridge for 50 bods +, then I'm sure geting 6 or more people together in Cardiff to get drunk & have a great laugh is not going to be too taxing (I hope!) :)

I have had a PM off BossyBotts. they request we consider the dates or 4th / 5th Aug for a Cardiff crawl.
The Crawl on 1st July is to go ahead, but provisionaly there will be another crawl in Cardiff on the 4th Aug which is a friday (also easier for me to get the first train home in the morning on a Saturday than a Sunday!)
I cant do the 5th as I'm on Day shift the next day :( .
OK, the plan for Saturday JUly the 1st.

Orders, look in:

rv time: 1700 - 1800 hrs'ish (gives me time to get the train in & sleep off nights, I finish at 0600 that morning!)
rv location: Prince of Wales (the big weatherspoons in the City Centre), Ground floor bar, left hand side.

(###### :eek: nobody leave the Prince of Wales before 1800 hrs earliest, in case anyone is delayed getting there.)

Dress: as you wish, but for those new to Cardiff, if you intend to stay out late, then wear a minimum of shoes, tidy jeans & collared top. this should get you in more or less anywhere in Cardiff. I'll be in Jeans, shoes & a shirt

anyone with any other surggestions, please post :)

do we want some form of recognition thing, so that everyone knows who the Arrse'sers are as soon as you walk in? hows about we all carry a balloon each with ARRSE written on it? please discuss.
Is there 2 cardiff events Press_it or am i becoming confuddled in my old age? :?

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