Next banking crisis coming up

Apparently the banks are still sitting on a shedload of bad debts on shopping centres, and the great sounding 'Scooby' loans. (From the word 'Scuba' meaning underwater, but still somehow breathing)

Still, Poundland should be quite happy.
I have no fear regarding this story because: Gordon Brown is in charge and Mr. Mandelson will tell him how to handle this - no problem.

£50 Billion is going to be considered 'peanuts' in comparison to the amount 'GB Ltd' is discovered to owe when 'the books' are opened by the incoming government.
Mwah ha ha. Mwah ha ha ha. Mwha ha ha ha ha ha ha. <wipes tear of shadenfreude from eye>

Another bunch of greedy bastards getting shafted as a result of their short-termist view of investment. If you want to know why we're on our uppers, it's because of the preference for 'lots now' rather than 'little often for a long time'.

I wonder how much TBD will throw at them for being 'too big to fail'?
great more trouble courtesy of the "master of the universe" :cry:

more like bunch of idiots trouble is unless there only small banks not bailing them out would be worse than bailing the kunts out :x

argentina went down the pan when there banks failed and it was'nt pretty
Bank level debt is no longer the dominant problem, although it is still potentially a large one.

The major crisis facing us right now is government level debt and not just at 'PIGS' level. In an interesting article earlier this week Alan Greenspan highlighted the very real fact that the gap between the amount of debt that the US government needs to issue and the amount that investors (including the Chinese) are willing/able to buy (and this bearing in mind that a good tranche of issued debt is already being bought back by the US gov't to orchestrate quantitative easing) is narrowing at a frighteningly fast rate. If/When a US Treasury sale fails THEN we will have problems
Mr_Deputy said:
I should never have bought that book The Emperor Mong asked for - 'Government for Dummies.' He said he was just interested in current affairs.
Hold on a sec, are you suggesting that Emperor Mong has been advising HMG for the last 12 years? In retrospect, that explains a lot.

EM: "Go on Tony, everyone'll believe that there's WMD there and your mates are all going"
TB: "Erm, gosh, well, I'm a straight guy and...well, OK then"
EM: Mwah ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha

EM: "Hello Gordon, my Cyclopsian disciple"
GB: "Ah, emp-emp-emp-emp-emp-emp-emperor, your large collaredness"
EM: "Gordon, I want you to sell all the gold bullion in BoE reserves and then you can tell the world that you have saved it and stopped boom-and-bust"
GB: "Thank you your majesty"
EM: Mwah ah ha ah ha ah ha ah ha
Hold on a sec, are you suggesting that Emperor Mong has been advising HMG for the last 12 years? In retrospect, that explains a lot.

since about 1944 actually
yes we can trust stalin
suez brilliant plan
unions they have the best intrest of the country at heart;labour :x
The city lossing the regualtion will be a good thing maggie :x
etc etc etc
There are a lot of arrogant corrupt bankers on both sides of the Atlantic that should be shot.

The US public was up for hanging bankers on Wall Street with piano wire last year.
About twenty years ago the Indoor Shopping Centre in Aldershot was extended, which doubled the size of it. Since then some 95% of those units have been empty. How the fcuk do these investment consortiums operate when such venture just sit empty...?

Admittedly the Shot is a fcuking dump, but even when the patch next door was brimmers with Pads that have a guaranteed monthly income, it still just lay idle.

Madness really.
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