Newton's Ring

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by foxs_marine, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. My phone (11 month old HTC Touch Diamond 2) has developed a rectangular patch in the centre of the screen that looks like oil floating on water, all swirling rainbowesque colours.

    Cutting a turgid saga short, Carphone Whorehouse says it's a Newton's Ring, caused by overpressure on the touch screen. They say it's not covered by warranty & I'm stuck with it or can pay for it to be repaired.

    I googled Newton's Ring & found them described as concentric phenomena, not rectangular.

    My questions are;
    Might my issue be something else?
    as the phone still works, is the condition dangerous?

    any advice gratefully received.
  2. I am sure that, whilst being annoying, it isn't dangerous. Newtons rings more commonly refers to e.g the colours you see when oil is spread on water - if I remember well. What you describe sounds like Newtons Interference:
  3. You'll be fine.Just don't hold it near your head.Or genitals.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Ignore what the idiot sales staff say, and contact your Network Provider direct, after all it's they that sold you the phone; CPW are just their agents and are frequently wrong (as are the likes of P4U etc etc).

    If it's under 12 months old (as you said) and the LCD is faulty, then it should still be under warantee.
  5. Gremlin,

    I'm contracted to Orange & have approached them. Their response was "should have come to us for the handset as well as the airtime. Then we might have helped you". HTC were better. Apparently my phone, being unbranded & not bought from an Orange store, has a 2 year warranty & they can look at each case on merit. CPW took the phone, held it for 3 weeks & then pretended it'd been to HTC, who'd issued the edict. They were most indignant when I proved HTC had never seen the phone & could not have said what CPW said they'd said.
    Phone is now working, I will send it to HTC after my summer holiday. I'm also going to send a snotogram to CPW's higher echelon. Does anyone have a template of a mobile phone complaint letter I could use as a start point, amended to cover my situation?


  6. Newton's rings often happen when two or more smooth transparent surfaces are sandwiched together and one of the surfaces warps.
    It was very common in photography when a strip of film was sandwiched between two pieces of glass in an enlarger. The warping of the surface causes refraction of the light passing through. Usually this refraction was in a circular pattern but it depends on the nature of the warping.
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