Newt Gingrich for President!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Sounds like a good bloke to have a pint with!
  2. "And once we've done Eye-ran and those commie gooks we still have a score to settle in Nam!"

    This man sounds very dangerous and must be the b@stard son on the Mong Monkey Bush!
  3. Bush's trategies are not wrong, but they are failing. They're wrong then.

    Is this the same Gingrich that said earlier this year "We need to turn over control to the Iraqi authorities now, and get out?"

    This will be the same Gingrich that went ballistic over Clinton getting smoked by an intern, but getting nearly 3,000 US troops killed is just "a failing"

    Just another blowhard . know nothing fool.

    Only to tell him he's talking bollox.

    I watched Newsnight this morning , courtesy of

    What a very excellent programme, and a very high powered panel. James Woolsey (ex-dir CIA) was right on the money. This war will last for decades. General Sir Rupert Smith made a very clear and simple analysis of how and why warfare has changed, and just why we are getting it wrong so far. Prince Hassan of Jordan made some extremely good points that needed listening to.

    Highly recommended. Ignore the hippy Amis.
  4. A moron in the White House? It is not something new.
  5. Gingrich is hardly a moron. He has written a number of very good books. He was the architect of the Contract With America that brought the republicans control of the house. If he gets the nomination I would gladly vote for hime. Anybody but McCain.
  6. Would that include Hillary Clinton?

    What have you got against McCain anyway? He seems capable and honest from where I'm sitting, which would make a change :)

    If mr.Gingrich is not a moron or idiot then he is likely an idioron (something between idiot and moron).

    It seems to me that mr.Gingrich simply don't understand Iraqi realities.

    So this idioron wants full-scale invasion (not only strikes) to replae the regime. I suspect that doctors in the nearest mad-house are waiting.

    Probably I made a mistake. Mr.Gingrich likely just has been released from a mad-house (he probably was 'Napoleon' there).
  8. I would suggest Mr. Gingrich is not only a fool, but a fool who reacts only when faced with unpalatable fact.

    Mr. Gingrich , there were Arrse members saying these things years ago, why have you only just seen the light?

    I would suggest there are Arrse members who would make a better fist of being President than Coco the Gingrich.
  9. Seen. Not sure what Benazir Bhutto thought of Amis who seemed to think it was a general muslim problem despite the fact that she insisted the problem was with a small bunch of fanatics who don't represent the majority. Also his "multiculturalism is a polite fiction" statement may not have gone to well with her.
  10. He had ONE good election (1994) and the GOP hails him as a hero.

    When it comes to actually governing, it's a different story:

    Only three of the ten provisions of the Contract With America were passed into law- and the provisions were substantially weakened. (.333 might be ok in baseball, but not here). Where would Bush be now, T6, if Gingrich was able to pass his Balanced Budget Bill?

    He also got forced out of his position by his own party (at which point he also resigned from Congress). His political gambit that shut down the Federal Government more or less guaranteed the re-election of Bill Clinton in 1996.

    The public hated him a Speaker (approval ratings of 28%).

    He was also fined $300,000 (about 2 1/2 years' salary for a Congressman at the time) for ethics violations.

    He also handed his wife divorce papers while she was in a hospital bed, being treated for cancer. What a nice guy.

    ...but T6 likes his novels, so he must be fit to be President