Newsweek Russia Editor appears to be a drug taker

The Newsweek magazine is a respectable edition... At least I thought it was.

Newsweek Russia editor Mikhail Fishman has been caught on tape with what is said to be cocaine and hookers in a presumed organized smear campaign against the country's liberal opposition.
Beginning at 3:37 in the below video, a clothed Fishman can be seen chopping up and snorting a white powder with a blurred out woman in the background; he later appears naked, and then in black briefs while he snorts more powder, presumed to be cocaine.
Another member of the Russian opposition, activist Ilya Yashin, has written (per Idov) that he recognizes the apartment the video was filmed in and knows the girl with Fishman, a Russian model nicknamed Moomoo. Yashin says that he had been lured there for a threesome, but realized something was amiss when one of the girls brought out sex toys and suggested he relax with cocaine. He says he got dressed and left.
Both claim that they are victims of a special operation planned by Russian secret services to discredit them.

Mr.Yashin in his blog suggests who were FSB female agents

Warning! Being in Moscow avoid these witches.
Sergey, please have this moved to the NAAFI and continue posting "evidence". :pc:
Much obliged.
para_medic said:
Sergey, please have this moved to the NAAFI and continue posting "evidence". :pc:
Much obliged.
Really it is a very serious theme. Kremlin's regime apparently collects information to discredit some opposition activists, prominent journalists.

Russian edition of the Newsweek is very popular. It position itself as a serious analytical edition that covers wide range of actual issues.

My thread is about dirty methods in politics. By the way... as I'm aware hte highly esteemed leader of the Conservative party is a former drug taker.

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