Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by junkfood, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. right then chaps what newspaper is best for supporting the troops and of course who are cnuts that keep making us all look like nobs

    im not a jurno im a scablifter
  2. Are you hoping to be able to have a headline that reads:


    If that's the case I fear you are going to be sadly lacking a headline. :roll:
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There aren't any, unless you count magazines. In which case, Soldier isn't three bad, but C&S beats it hands down.

    None of the newspapers actually support the troops. They simply publish whatever is expedient for circulation at any given moment, so if there is a story that knocks the forces big time, but sells the paper, on the front page it goes.
  4. Daily Mail :wink:
  5. bullet spunge
    god no im just wondering whos the worst and why personally i think they are all strokers

    as a cmt i dont get any further than the pictures any how
  6. Well said, it's what sells papers at the time. You often find that the papers who claim to 'support' the troops are the same rags that will condemn Paras/Marines/Squaddies for simply enjoying themselves downtown on a Sat night.

    Trust them? Nah.
  7. i made the frount page of that one or at least the back of my head did whilst loading veh pre op telic 1 never did get to see it myself though
  8. Razzle has been supporting my erection for years
  9. Bloody hell Taff your easily pleased with some of the growlers in that mag, but have your standards low then your never upset on the pull :wink:
  10. The BBC, The Guardian and Newstatesmen are generally supportive of the military and all things related. :)
  11. Private Eye? Technically a magazine however.

    I particularly like The Sun - soft, strong and thoroughly absorbant!
  12. Good old Razzle! A reality w@nk if ever I saw one ;)