Newspapers - Which do you read?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. First - A whine. Last two days I've gone into WHSmiths to get a paper (The Times), both times they've run out of everything apart from the Guardian and Daily Sport *vomit*

    Do they buy more guardians for all those lefties? Most of my friends are on the socialist side of centre and read guardian/independant but should that stop normal people being able to get a proper paper, or the times?

    On the otherhand I can't stand the ToryGraph or any tabloids. That does leave me with The Times which at times reads scarily like the Sun (same owner), but gives a reasonably balanced view due to it's right wing history and left wing owner. Thought provoking.

    What do you buy and why?

    Obviously some/most are available online, if you read online then class that as reading the papers :p
  2. Try Gardener's World Crabby, not strictly a newpaper of course but for somebody who spends a large amount of time in holes, an excellent publication and free seeds this month. Your hole could look BLOOMING marvellous.
  3. If you'll pardon that last expression!
  4. Anything that happens to be laying around.

    But if I buy one then it's The Express, no reason other than it beats the scum and all the other red tops for a reasonably balanced view.
  5. I think I'll left you off. I tend to buy the monthly "what shovel" as well the occasional article on the benefits of pick axes. I've never considered decortating the hole I'm digging, far too busy digging. One day I'll learn to dig uphill and make my fortune!!
  6. 'The Economist' - awesome paper...

    Its weekly - so the dust settles on issues before you read about them...

    Very balanced coverage - Occasionally I've read about something I have personal knowledge of I do think it was a very fair summary... It does have an agenda... pro-big business, liberal, pro-Iraqi invasion (but so am I)... anti-EU (which I'm probably not)...

    No columnists waffling on like a school student trying to fill a 1000-word essay with waffle...

    Covers upcoming technology too...

    Very cheap if you get a subscription...

    Only problem is its not an easy read...

  7. Financial Times , WSJ. The money reporters have to just about tell the truth.

    BBC News24 and the website of course.

    Flight International and the Economist.
  8. I did read The Times but as you said it reads too much like the sun and I can't stand the cnut Murdoch so don't give him any of my money if I can help it. Am now an Independant reader, its quite liberal and reports on stuff I am interested that a lot of other papers ignore or don't give much time to.
  9. BBC News24 is generally good. However in order to give a "balanced view" they often take something completely obvious and have to find some crackpot somewhere who will question it. This leads to something true and sensible being said by someone intelligent being questionned by a total tw@t.

    Almost worth watching just because the Yanks branded it "Baghad Broadcasting Coorporation" after its supposed anti-war stance during the Iraq invasion (it did seem more anti than balanced, but unlike american mass-media we have access to slightly more liberal and possibly less patriotic (therefore more british) media)
  10. I prefer to read an independant newspaper so not the Independant. Something that Murdoch doesn't own? Crabby can I borrow your Gardener's World?
  11. i dont like to buy the same newspaper twice in a row,
    (and i dont 'do tabloids' if i want something with t*ts in it i'll get a penthouse.)

    but its mostly the indie (Independent), then the Times, Economist, Guardian then mybe the Torygraph (for the occasional snigger)

    other publications i subscribe to are 'Private Eye' and '2000AD' :D
  12. Its not really answering the question asked but that Mod Oracle website is pretty good...

    All the defence articles from various papers gathered together for you.

  13. If you're at the seaside, you just need a newspaper as it's full of all the important information you really need.

    Tide comes in
    Tide goes out
    Tide comes in
    Tide goes out
    Tide comes in
    Tide goes out
    Tide comes in
    Tide goes out

    On the edge of my chair, gripping stuff!
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The Economist as stated bt Tricam, the Spectator and Private Eye. When I buy the Torygraph its as much for the Xwords and the obits as for anything else.
  15. At last a poll where I have a moral right to vote.

    Of course it is Telegraph. Excellent, wonderfull, vulagar newspaper that tries to be serious. It is an unique combination.

    As for news then there is a lot of good sources: BBC, CNN, Reuters, AFP, AP.

    Sometimes I read sensationalist Independent, dull Guardian, colourless Times. Other British newspapers I read very rarely.