Newspapers eh? You gotta love 'em

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pronto_Mike_Uniform, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Millions mark Armistice Day (except these 30 upset people, but lets include them in the headline because they are Muslims)

    Millions to fall silent to mark Armistice Day | News

    Why do the papers feel the need to spoil this headline? Millions across the world fall silent in memory, Excellent and really nice to see. 30 (yup only 30) individuals out of the millions decided to burn some poppies (which, unless they stole them, have contributed to RBL anyway) and so let's fan their flames and include them in the headline.

    Papers to sell and a state of fear to maintain I suppose?

    Poor Form I think.
  2. Just back from the service in Dorking. 100 people there in spite of rain. The whole point of the silence is that it is an entirely personal moment. If some people wan to burn poppies or dance a jig, I just don't really care. It really doesn't intrude - the throbbers who drive past, or come out of Waitrose with their shopping are just as much of a non-event during those two, totally personal minutes, imho.
  3. Tickets please
  4. rampant

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  5. Does the outrage bus go past Tescos? It does, thrupenny single please, or can I use my veterans oyster?
  6. I held my 2 minutes stuck on a train together with a number of other people, even the driver reminded us of the time.

    Do I give a crap about numpties? Not at all. If they want to burn a poppy then let them go ahead. Those who fell did so to allow them to have that choice!

  7. I quite agree. It just annoys me that the papers paint it as half the muslim population of the UK chanting around a huge bonfire of poppies rather than the sad, lonely little group of nutters it really was.

    Anything to try and stir up the great unwashed and get them to produce even more shock, horror headlines.

    I don't know why I get annoyed really, its not like it's anything new with the rubbish press we have nowadays:scratch::scratch:
    edited because I can't see the reply window properly

  8. Outrage Transport is sorry to announce that the Outage Bus was cancelled yesterday and replaced by an Outrage Train.
    Passengers are advised that all normal tickets and methods of payment for the Outrage Bus are accepted for the Outrage Train.
  9. Leaves on the line coming up in 3, 2, .............
  10. I understand the silence was observed at the Guardian newspaper offices today, signalled on the fire alarm bell.
  11. How many of them ran out of the building screaming 'fire'?
  12. Visions of making a statement to the police that they insisted I open fire.