Newspapers - 10 Aug 07

By the looks of it, tomorrow's media onslaught is not Services-friendly!

The Sun, Telegraph and Grauniad have all devoted their front pages to us.

What it is to be loved....

Yes I did. You're new to Arrse I presume, and therefore unaware that we don't discuss investigations of serving personnel , or trials in a Military or Civil court concerning service personnel, until the conclusion of the trial.
It may not have, but in this fairly unique forum, there is a very good chance someone knows one, or both parties, and the media are never far away. Hence why we don't discuss cases under investigation etc.
Good job I'm not really a member of the services, just a bus driver from Livingston (or somewhere like that) who likes to dress up and walt around on Rememberance day and sell dodgy No2 dress on ebay.
Harmy said:
Yer if you read the guardian link above it shows the jurno's have been reading the thraed about this topic. jurno's i hate um!!!
Some journos are scum.

However, some are very even handed in their dealings with the Forces, like the author of the Guardian piece.

She has a solid record of fact-based reporting from warzones and on Forces matters, and although careful to stay objective as she should, is generally Forces-friendly.

She was one of very few journalists who turned up in person to the SSAFA/MVDC Planning Meeting to report the outcome, as did a collegue from the Daily Telegraph and a couple of chaps who's names I didn't catch so cannot tell you which papers they worked for.

Although journos, like politiciansand wild dogs, generally are not to be trusted, we shouldn't tar them all with the same brush when they are proven to have integrity.

The above is in no way related to the fact she is gorgeous.

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