NewsNow, is it a decent source?

After chatting some more with some bods in the know, and with my dates for entry to the green life becoming more solid, the best advice (other than knowing my trade) I have been given is to stay clued up on current affairs etc.

Out of curiosity, I googled "military current affairs" and came across NewsNow see linky:
NewsNow: (Military (World))

Talk about information overload! But in that sense, very informative!

Has anybody on here, serving or applying, used this site for up to date news for basically anywhere in the world? It seems credible enough, but with so much to absorb I am left feeling that my searches need to be refined! I have only scraped the surface of the military news, never mind the other general articles!
Great if you are news junky.
However given your present situation,your best bet may be to listen to what the training staff tell you!

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