Newsnight Without Jezza

James O'Brien as a Newsnight presenter! The BBC has obviously given up pretending it's position of impartiality.

They'll be letting child abusers present children's programs next.

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Who's next Baroness Warsi?


James O'Brien as a Newsnight presenter!
The same James O'Brien who presents daily on LBC radio...? You have got to be kidding! I've had the misfortune to hop channels into his radio programme more than once. I mean, I can demonstrate a serious lack of knowledge of a given topic but I don't do it live on national radio (since they went DAB) and I don't do it from an overt expression of political bias (at least, not whilst broadcasting live to the nation).


Yeah but I'd actually jump Kirsty Wark. I'd merely want to jump up and down on James O'Brien whilst wearing heavy footwear!

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