Newsnight tonight 13 July

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Poppy, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Special edition on Afghanistan
  2. Anyone see Gordon squirming on News at Ten when asked if he could sleep at night after cutting the chopper budget by 1.2billion in 2004? Brilliant viewing.

    Good to see the first 20 minutes of the program was dedicated to AFG as well.
  3. Fantastic interviewing, it is all about the question with brown, he never gives an answer. 75% of poll said British troops under-equipped. Brown is in the s**t.

    Big day tomorrow.
  4. ITN seem to be much more positive in their reporting and less afraid to tackle the Government than the BBC

  5. I've just flicked through channels BBC 1, 2 and ITV and all had coverage of AFG showing, very good to see.
  6. Certainly did. Didnt know where to look did he ??, here's hoping for a few more of those types of moments in the following days and weeks. God I hate that man, he is just slime.
  7. Newsnight put together the A team; Ed Butler, Rory Stewart and Richard Holmes.

    Rory Stewart's verdict, it can't be done. When asked if he was a defeatist, he answered, "you have no moral obligation to do what cannot be done."

    Didn't look too hopeful to me, even Ed Butler was keen to lower expectations. Stewart forcefully made the point that Britsh Govt is looking for an elegant solution to get out of Afg, stating that many in Govt do not believe in the project.

    My heart goes out to anyone putting their life on the line in Afghanistan tonight, if this is a tipping point, it looks as though the whole operation could be in doubt, it certainly does not look as though the British Govt is full square behind its troops. Disgraceful.
  8. This ****ing **** on now needs shooting

    (Defence minister.. not sure of his name)
  9. What a bullshitting cnut that Armed Forces Minister is.
  10. Watching Bill Rammell, and God, it's painful. He's almost gabbling.
  11. Fuck getting into an argument with Jeremy Paxman! :D
  12. God i neally launched the tv out of the window what a snivelling wretch that Bill Rammell is, it sickened me to hear him trying to squirm out of answering the questions good one Paxman
  13. Ah, a labour worm shamelessly and artlessly wriggling out of one of Paxman's terrier like interviews. That's a new one.
  14. Missed it & it's not on the iPlayer yet, so will watch it in the morning.
  15. Yes... I must watch this.... Paxo is good at putting some of the Liabrore Snot-gobbling Personages in a difficult position. Whats the betting Cyclops will push some Junior Minister to take all the flak next.

    Wednesdays PMQs is going to be interesting assuming the Boy Dave has 'fire in his belly' and the 'cojones' to suggets Mcruin is a tw*t. Maybe Mcruin will have 'man flu' this week, he is looking a bit peeky and off color, or is that just bad makeup... and PMQs will be taken by Haridan Harperson?? :lol: