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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    BBC2's flagship 'Newsnight' current affairs programme has approached Arrse to ask for help with a piece they are working on. Please bear in mind that they could have done what most news outlets do and simply ripped off suitable quotes from the website. They are interested in the views of service personnel who are either in - or have recently returned from - Iraq on the following issues:

    If you have any views on these questions, please either post them in this thread or, alternatively, email them to using the subject heading 'Service in Iraq'.

    They are interested in all opinions, not just the negative ones, and anything they use will, of course, be used anonymously.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

  3. Don't know if anyone's emailed, but...

    I think the reason nobody's posted here (yet) is that they just don't trust journos / the media to tell the soldier's side of the story.

    Add to that the fact that the BBC specifically are actually the western broadcasting wing of AQ / Hezbollah, and win awards for being "least balanced in reporting on the middle east". Why on earth should anybody talk to these guys when the result will be spun out of all context and make you look like a prat.

    Sky possibly. Beeb, not a chance.

  4. Wash your mouth out, you filthy little man! Sky News isn't worth my used bog roll. Granted Auntie Beeb can be a bit touchy feely par temp a temp, but they produce some good pro-forces material. All Sky worries about is plugging Murdoch's other organs and satiating the sun-reading, celebrity-obsessed general public. If the BBC has dumbed down, it is because Sky has proved so successful using that tactic.
  5. Also been warned of by units for posting & it being used by media you can get agi 67 for it.

    with out getting authorisation from media ops be carefull guys
  6. Cheers for that chicken, but are they asking for views from "on the ground" now, or from the "old and bold and sweaty ones, with the been there seen that t-shirts"?

    Why do I feel like I have heard these questions before?

    I think that at some stage in the not-so-near future, this may be mentioned on armynet and a DIN being produced reminding serving soldiers that they are not allowed to talk to the press directly. Just my opinion.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Newsnight is fast becoming Lairbours mouth piece. Dedicating whole programmes to their deputy leadership contest WTF and buffing up Bruwn whilst forgetting he has been there all the time.

    Fast becoming the unbalanced BBC
  8. i would imagine that emailing the beeb would technically constitute "unauthorised contact with the media"...?
  9. Really? Can you produce some examples?

    Rather than the usual baaaaaaa BBC Baaaaaad

    Oh, and who exactly bestowed the award for "least balanced reporting"? in the Middle East?
  10. Feck it, publish and be damned. Have you seen what authorised access to the media is like? Hope Arthur and Faye are both over it, etc. :)
  11. What do you mean by that? Elaborate please.
  12. Hot Knitting Needles up Japseye than rather speak to Jurno's bet they dont put that on NN... Jeremy shove your Paxo-man up yer ARRse
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    So basically what we're saying here is that, despite the thousands of pages of Arrse, in which serving soldiers from every part of the Army offer their views on more or less every subject under the sun, in a form which can not only be read by journos, but also by hostile intelligence services, Al Qa'eda, the Taleban, little green men from the planet Tharg, Blondebint and caubeen, to name but a few; that when a journo does the decent thing and openly asks a question on a subject which is discussed ad nauseam, we all have a fit of the vapours, put our knees together and say 'Oh no, I couldn't possibly comment on that!'

  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    It has often occurred to me that maybe a new forum called 'The Press Pool' might be useful.

    An area where this kind of enquiry could be posted and anyone entering KNOWS that journos are present and is well sign-posted with notices to BOTH parties giving the local ROE.

    I agree that every Beeb journo seems to have an axe they wish to grind - for the life of them the current Corporation can't seem to do straight reporting - and sometimes I wonder if a great deal of that happens in the editing suite rather than on the ground. It's almost a cultural mindset....a legacy of the 'Right-On' generation maybe.....

    But at the end of the day, I also know that the guys in Afghanistan in particular feel that 'their war' comes low down in UK media interest, way behind eg Big Brother shenanigans and ' Paris Hilton does Bird'

    Maybe ARRSE has a role to play ?

    Okay, I'll get ma coat.....

    Lee Shaver
  15. The 'Press Pool" idea has come up before Goatie. But with DCI 200? and QR's etc , I don't think we can be seen to be encouraging serving personnel to speak openly and directly with the media.

    A request from NN for personnel to speak of their experiences will either be replied to or ignored according to the individual.

    I know a hell of a lot of people spoke to C4 over the news that 1BW were going North , though that seemed to be mostly to confirm that TCH was indeed a C.

    Arrse already plays it's part. I don't know what the official opinion is in the Purple Puzzle Palace, but from my time here, far more stories end up in print of help to the Armed Forces than hinderance. Consider the furore around Sir Richard for example? How much did we influence the outcome?

    We do have a very strong voice in the media now, that can be used to good effect, on issues concerning us , from Medicare to Gurkha rights ,but still we must always think on the consequences if something is said that is detrimental.

    Any 'Press Pool' may need heavy and draconian censorship to avoid the wrath of our paymasters.

    Would Journalists really be interested in that?