Newsnight Report.

Has anybody else out there just watch this evenings newsnight and feel quite annoyed about the so called report on the current hearts and minds operations being carried out in Afghan.

I don't really bother about what the BBC reprts anymore but i found the report fcuking annoying to say the least. As far as i can remember we've been using the tactics described by the journalist for the past 50+ years, which he claims to be a great new invention by the US Forces out there at the minute.

So all that time that i have spent on Ops must of been in my imagination then. I hope that someone tells the locals that i met along the way to forget that they saw me and all the other lads.

One word for that reporter CNUT!
Actually I thought it was a fairly good and positive report. The reporter had obviously done his homework, and talked to a number of people. Remember that his target audience is mostly uneducated in military strategy.

OK, so we have been doing 'hearts and minds' for a while now. That doesn't mean that we couldn't be doing it better. I don't think that many people would argue that Afghanistan was the same as Northern Ireland.

There is a discussion here including some posters who actually seem to know a little bit about the subject that they're talking about.
The Americans idea of hearts and mind is in their actions.

Lets look at all the blue on blues they have!!!

In essence what they are saying to people is do not worry, even though we are in your country trying to bomb and kill you we will miss and kill our own or allied troops instead.
Well actually i have read that particular forum in the past and did not find it to be all that informative of points of view as it did in areas turn into a slagging match. And i do feel that i have enough knowledge of the subject to comment as i am a current serving soldier (not officer with blinkers attached) who has been on plenty of Ops in my time including recently unlike alot of the persons commenting (such as the reporter in the newsnight report).

The point that i am making is that the reporter blatantly disregarded what we have done out in Afghan. And before you say a word yes i have worked with the US Forces on 'Hearts and Minds' and found them somewhat laking in comparison to us. Yes they have come a long way but they are still far too agressive even in comparison to the current intensity of ops in Helmand province.

But obviously it wouldn't of made a great BBC report if they had complimented us on our work in that field as everyone that has even read a military book would of heard about our own 'Hearts and Minds' ops.
The British Army in Iraq did hearts and minds very well. Soft hats, banter, and local projects went a long way towards bringing the locals on side.

The problem was that we completely destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure when we invaded, and failed to stump up the cash to rebuild even the basics such as power stations and roads. Eventually, Iraqi patience wore thin, and they started to realise that we weren't really interested in sorting out their country.

Hearts and minds on all levels is what's required.

In my experience, the US forces take a far more 'emotional' approach to soldiering, which can backfire when it comes to this type of operation.
Hearts and minds here in NI. One outfit great, civilised, quiet time had by all. Next lot bunch of headcases, completely screwed up the work that gone on before.
Of course now we have the ultimate hearts and minds model. Get them all in a room, tell them all how much money they're going to make, tell them to call it a political settlement and turn them loose.
Now anytime anywhere unstable cuts loose, there's always someone mentioning the Northern Ireland model. Forget NATO give us the Northern Ireland Model. Show us the money.

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