Newsnight-future of British defence 23 February

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by fairycakes, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. On Tuesday 23 February 2010, Newsnight will broadcast a special programme debating the main issues facing the future of British defence and security.

    We will be asking crucial defence questions - can the war in Afghanistan be won, and when will British troops there return home?

    We will take a look at the strategic defence review Green Paper, and consider what resources will be needed to combat future security threats.

    Joining Jeremy Paxman will be Secretary of State for Defence, Bob Ainsworth, Shadow Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, and Liberal Democrat defence spokesperson Nick Harvey.

    A studio audience will also be taking part in the discussion, comprised of key defence experts and opinion formers, and British soldiers including General Sir Richard Dannatt.

    Relatives who have lost loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq - amongst them Christina Schmid, whose husband Staff Sgt Olaf died defusing a bomb in Afghanistan - will also be joining us.

    Watch the programme on Tuesday 23 February 2010 at 10.30pm on BBC Two.
  2. Yay army centric again. :x
  3. I think this will be well worth a watch, it always seems we (defence as a whole) has to fight for every pound, i just wish the Government would put us higher than 'fourth' in there order of priorities.
  4. I will watch it if i get the chance. But i realy see it turning into an "why the army needs all the money now and forever, why do we need ships/planes thats so cold war" show and noone is going to be backing the other two services.

    Oh and some of the comments by uneducated mongs in the audience are going to make me cringe.
  5. At least the fanatically anti-RN/RAF Max Hastings doesn't seem to be involved for once. But what about long term strategic issues such as joint global power projection and the secure delivery, protection and sustainment of 'boots on the ground' and all their paraphernalia in a hostile environment, especially when host nation support isn't available? COIN ops may be flavour of the month at the moment but you don't cancel your fire insurance just because you've suffered a spate of burglaries.
  6. With all the great and good attending, it shouldn't be to difficult to spot the uninvited ARRSE spokesperson sitting in the audience wearing the gimp mask. :D
  7. I wonder if Mr Paxman will apologise for swearing last night?

  8. .... and mess tin order obviously! :D
  9. He did already during the broadcast between talking to Rawnsley and then handing over to the panel.

    Truth be told, I thought a scrap was going to break out - would've been tremendous TV had it done so. Prescotts attempts at holier-than-thou were also shown for what they were (e.g., a northern porker being a tw@).
  10. what is it with the crabs being all doom and gloom ???
    the army and doing the foot work at the moment so they should get the bulk of the short term money,
    and if it was one of the other services they would be demanding it accordingly,

    yes we need carriers and planes but right now we need AFV etc so deal with it
  11. Well it is The Army who are doing the heavy lifting at present,so why not.Future conflicts will possibly find The Army at the forefront again.

  12. I genuinely don't see a set of circumstances in the future in which flotilla-size actions will be necessary: we're in asymmetric conflict now and - other than providing a venue for Ambassadors' cocktail parties - the RN role in cruising other than to support land deployments by RM / 3CdoBde would seem to be woefully limited - and that includes TRIDENT, I'm afraid.
  13. The Navy and RAF have already suffered deep "savings" to free up money for Herrick/Telic as well as being heavily involved in them themselves. Dannet has already made his position clear on these matters and it is to cut the other two to the bone. Theres the difference between a conflict we are going to be leaving in 2 years time and assets that are supposed to be lasting us the next 40/50 years.
  14. you telling me you honestly expect typhon or the new carriers to last 50 years?
  15. Carriers are being designed with that timespan in mind. Look at how long Hermes lasted! As for typhoon ok maybe 30 is more reasonable.