Newsnight BBC2: EDL Tommy Robinson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. I mean really. Who on earth goes on The TV to be interrogated by Paxman without doing their research on their subject matter?

    I haven't seen someone so easily pulled apart since Gordon Brown got cut in half by "The Bigot."

    Do these clowns not have anyone better to lead their "Legitimate, non-racist cause"

    No wonder they're regularly accused of being half cut, skin headed dim wits.
  2. I don't know what interview you were watching, but that EDL guy wasn't pulled apart. I have a very big TV. I'd have noticed.
  3. Not only was he pulled apart he was shown to have a fundemental lack of knowledge of the subject he purports to oppose and that he could not hold a consistant view on a subject.

    I actually thought that Paxman gave him an easy ride as well, didn't point out the obvious flaws in Yaxley-Lennons statements, not least his links with the BNP. Mind you, the bigot did manage to show his colours without Paxmans help, even his lies didn't help him.
  4. I watched this, along with a roughly ten-minute report/review from the same programme: BBC News - Newsnight - Inside the English Defence League leadership. They came to Newcastle last summer and were generally hideous and obnoxious. Most businesses around Central Station closed, including the pubs and it cost the city a fortune in Plod for the day. I spoke to some who were PSNI! The Private Eye had a snippet in their "Rotten Boroughs" column, it turns out that the little darlings from the EDL spat out their dummy with a local council; so threatened to come and protest remarking that their last protest cost another town tens of thousands and that they might want to avoid this happening!

    EDIT TO ADD: Theexposetube: "Tommy Robinson gets owned...". Thick twat doesn't know what nefarious means. Plus he kept calling sharia "sha-rye-er" on Newsnight.
  5. "Them Sharia Law courts innit"

    What a prick.
  6. Judging by the lnkie clip the young man got the better of Paxman. Paxman was using the "So you are saying ..." gambit and the young fella wasn't biting.

    The question I would like to have been put to him is "Why do your platform speakers at rallies wear face masks ? If you're against the covering of facial features why do it yourselves ? If you represent the British tradition then avail your audience the right to judge by both word and demeanour"

    I don't know how many of you live cheek by jowl with a large Muslim community. But round here we know people whose white children are deliberately bullied by Muslim gangs at school. I know a steeplejack who was subject of Muslim school gang bulying ten years ago. He beat up the Muslim ring leader at the school in the end. Then he found Muslim adults waiting to assault him on his way home from school aged 15. He did not tell his dad. But his dad sussed something was very wrong. And one school closing time his dad was at the school gates with his older brothers. And the Muslim adult leader of a gang about twenty strong was an A and E jobn after a smack from a car jack in the head. After that the lad was put on a work familiarization secondment and it was offered by a steeplejack firm. He says best thing ever happened being told to stay away from school. All his former classmates are unemployed and he is contracting away on a grand a week.

    If you go the doctor's surgery and a Muslim female gets up in the waiting room to use patient lavatory, a Muslim male gets up and "Guards" the lavatory door. When white women attend DW Sports for Aquarobics their session is observed for its full hour by middle aged Muslim men who sit staring from the jacuzzis at the end of the pool. At the end of the session if a woman gets into the jacuzzi the Muslim men pointedly get out and leave.

    At other times if Muslim men are at the sports centre and a woman gets in the jacuzzi they they remain but turn their backs.

    If you getting a prescription for the wife you can be waiting ages whilst the pharmacist is talking to a Muslim male abouyt a prescrtiption issued to a Muslim female and the Muslim male will talk quietly to the female and then relay her questions to the pharmacist and so forth.

    Warehouse near here. Shifts of Muslim women who white women cannot work near (Neither can Poles or Nigerian employees work near the Muslims) because the Muslim women stink to the extent they make other people wretch. The Muslim productivity less than half of the white productivity yet no Muslims sacked.

    Muslim taxi drivers who cut up white women drivers but don't do it to white male drivers.

    The likes of Paxman (Lets face it a product of the transatlantic college accelerated promotion scheme for disciples set up by Maggie T and Ronnie Reagan) fail to balance their approach. It is always about the militant extremists in Islam. The idea they will try to enforce Sharia by force and terror. The balancing approach is closer to the experience of British people. Not so much terror on Islamic terms but peace on Islamic terms.

    It has long since started. We are indoctrinated to be silent when a Muslim turns his back on our wives in the Jacuzzi. We are indoctrinated to be silent when Muslims are lazy and lack personal hygiene in the workplace. We are indoctrinated to silence when Muslims dominate doctor and pharmacist time. We are indoctrinated to silence when Muslim youth bully gangs try to dominate schools and parks.

    It is no coincidence that areas that have large Muslim populations also have the most support for BNP.

    When an Englishman says he will live peacably, but perhaps irritatingly, as a Freeman on the Land (IE Only live by Common Law and the law of the Realm according to his culture rights and traditions) he is marginalized. But when whole Muslim communities live by their culture and tradition with no respect for Common Law (according other people enjoyment of peace) we are told it is us who need to learn about ethnic culture and that it is enrichening us as a nation. Is it Bollix.
  7. It has been said that Brazil is a successfully ethnic mixed multicultural country. But no mention is made that its 2000 census shew that the Muslim proportion of the population was .00016%.
  8. The white women in your area should consider a career with the security forces. They must have superpowers to tell what religion someone is just by looking at them as they drive past.
  9. Some legitimate grievances there I reckon. However, between Tommy Robinson and the other members that spoke, only the former Sikh chap could string together a sentence in comprehensible English, does not make for a very convincing case. They could do with an intellectual or three. Tommy should invest his time into expanding his tanning empire, IMHO.
  10. Bloody hell, has someone told Nick Griffin that Muslims are taking over his party?
  11. Eugh, I was embarrassed for him. "I'm just a simple person" - Yeah, you've got that right, 'bruv'!
  12. iWell we are forced to listen to the likes of Adams, Kelly and other taiggy waiggy bastards justifying there case for murder and extortion so this fetid chavvo mong must have his rights as well to spout shite willy nilly (small willys at that).

    He did talk some sense in another interview when he said that "all people living in his country should be be made to swear an oath to the Queen or be deported" .
  13. There isn't really a US version of EDL is there? I may be wrong, but I think the KKK is pretty much dead, and they're closer to Combat 18 / BNP in any case.

    What is it about the US that is different from here? I suspect it is that they make damn sure their immigrants integrate properly. Primary school children swearing the oath of allegiance to the flag every school day, and the like.

    Any septics care to venture an opinion?
  14. So you're complaining about Muslims staring at women and then you're complaining that they don't stare in the jacuzzi. You're complaining about lack of muslim respect for law and then you celebrate the fact that your mate hospitalises someone with a car jack, his reward for this? He gets to be a steeplejack. With cogent and concise advocates like you, the EDL should advance right to the forefront of political agenda.

    One last thing "Is it bollix." WTF???