Newsnight BBC 2, 22.50+, 04/12/06, Recuitment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Newsnight BBC 2, 22.50, 04/12/06

    Serious debate on recruitment - very probably worth watching
  2. well that was a very short-lived debate but well defended by Col. Tim Collins i must admit, the armed forces are a voluntary service but i can see the point that has been made, maybe a manditory visit should be arranged for every school in the uk. I had one while at school and loved the experience and found it very informative, and that is what got me into the idea of joining up in the first place.
  3. Collins said that when the SOP for recruiting was to send letter s to all schools in the area, and visits were made with respect to those headmasters who then asked the team to come to the school.

    I find it hard to accept that, under those conditions, the forces were targeting deprived areas
  4. Surely the forces recruiting people should go to every school? and other employers as well but it must be good to let people know what their options are...............people aren't exactly pressganged in this day and age, and a positive message from someone who is serving at least tells people what is on offer
  5. What's the big deal? Seriously?

    I had the option of studying Sports Science at Loughborough or joining up.

    I chose the latter and do not regret it one iota.

    I'll have my degree (granted in a different discipline) completed year after next and am earning a very good wage for a 26 yr old.

    Storm in a teacup....
  6. Interesting discussion on Jeremy Vine Radio 2 at lunchtime.
    The main whingers seemed to be Plaid Cymru . Accusing Army of targeting lower performing schools and only telling the kids about the good stuff, adv trg etc. Think the kids are too stupid not to notice there is a bit of fighting going on. Probably just worried about all of their captive future voters, stuck in low wage jobs, moving out of Wales.
  7. Well said civvygit. I have said for years that it is Labour party policy to keep the North East poor and stupid so that it will continue to vote labour. Seems the Welsh Nationalists are catching on.
  8. Well said. This is exactly the kind of snivelling and whinging that was common among "Loony left" councils throughout the country a few years back. Says a great deal about Plaid Cymru if they sign up to this sh*te methinks! :roll:
  9. The Forces offer many kids from the so called deprived areas a future, a trade, self discipline, team spirit, proper mates and a sense of pride and worth. It did for me and many like me. Those who are doing the whining have never served and were never likely too either.
  10. I watched the "debate and the Welsh guy didnt seem to have a clue, he had no evidence to back up his argument, was slapped down repeatedly by Paxman and got a bit miffed when compared to SF.

    I spent a year teaching at a FE College on a Public Service Course, not once did any Military Unit invite themselves as that oxegene thief claimed, they were invited first.

    The Military CAN NOT just turn up at a school, they are invited to carefuly planned sessions and demonstate a wide range of things, from Leadership, PT and other activites, as Col Collins said it is then down to the student to make their own mind up.

    The Army can not be held responsible for the fact that some schools dont invite them.

    I have to agree with the view that they seemd to prefer to keep the youth stuck in the towns and villages with little or no social mobility, at least the Armed forces offers the youths a purposeful career rather than them staying at home and ended up with a Criminal Career.