Newsnight 22:30, Gen Petraeus, Des Browne, Rory Stewart

Newsnight looks like it could be interesting this evening. Words from Petraeus, Swiss Des and others including Rory Stewart.

Standby for the usual soundbites, my money is on Swiss Des, shuffling, sweating and bluffing as usual. :twisted:

From email


Beyond the War on Terror George Bush and his administration coined the phrase 'War on Terror',and repeated it over and over. Tonight, seven years on from Al Qaeda'sattacks on America, we have a special edition of Newsnight in which weuse another phrase, 'Beyond the War on Terror', to ask what is thefuture for Iraq and Afghanistan. Can these engagements, which have attimes faltered badly in both territories ever result in 'victory'.

If as expected the emphasis moves from Iraq to Afghanistan, will thegovernment in Iraq hold? And with a new President in Pakistan, andalready rows with US forces over counter-insurgency border patrols, willAl Qaeda camps ever be wiped out? And what about the economicconsequences of these conflicts without end?

Our Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban joins us live from Baghdad - where thismorning he was given an exclusive interview with the outgoing CoalitionCommander, General Petraeus, who oversaw the surge in troop numbers inIraq. We'll also hear from our correspondents Alastair Leithead inAfghanistan, and Owen Bennett-Jones in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

We'll be joined live by the Defence Secretary Des Browne, and in thecourse of our debate we'll hear from key players - Douglas Feith, GeorgeBush's Under Secretary for Defence from 2001 to 2005; Wajid Hasan, thenew Pakistani High Commissioner in London and Rory Stewart, the formerDeputy Governor for two provinces in Southern Iraq and the author of abest-selling account of his experiences in Afghanistan, where he nowlives.

General Petraeus told Newsnight today that when he took over thecommand, he thought the task in Iraq was "hard but not hopeless". Now,he says, "it's hard but hopeful". Tonight we'll hear a range of views onthe first major conflict of the 21st century.

I hope you'll be watching,

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