Newsnight - 22:30 BBC2 Monday 22nd January

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ABrighter2006, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Newsnight this evening has an article on medically discharged personnnel and their care through the NHS system.

    Is this about to highlight failings?
  2. I bloody hope so! Someone or something needs to highlight the fiasco that are MDHUs, things are not as rosy as the powers that be would love us all to believe!
  3. Cheers AB I shall be watching that with interest.
  4. are mdhu's responsible for medically discharged personnel?
  5. Just finnished watching this rather short piece, the impression is given that all military staff at the old military hospitals sat about waiting for a service person to get injured or require our help, odd that as I am sure that at the CMH we were close to 80% civillian patients/casualties. The vast majority of out of hours work was civillian too. I did an attachment with Hampshire Ambulances and the casualties always asked to go to the CMH even if they were close to another hospital
  6. I can't believe that treating civilians in mil hospitals wasn't even mentioned. And what's happened to Paxman? He allowed Twigg to get away with not answering his question "Is it acceptable for an injured soldier to be told to hide his uniform so as not to upset other patients/ justify the war in Iraq to civvys in the hospital." Twigg just repeated that the standard of care is excellent and that the NHS has been responsible for veterans since 1948.

    What a waste of air-time, I expected better from Newsnight.
  7. Twigg is an utter disgrace, spineless and evasive.

    I don't often sit in front of the TV shouting obscenities but I was in full cry tonight.

    I can't think straight right now.
  8. I try to keep an even balance but, tonight, LostBoss, I agree with you!


  9. Is Selly Oak for rehabilitation?
  10. At risk of being wahhed.......your not in the army are you?

  11. Ditto! Which is what led me to join LostBoss and Litotes in yelling obscenities at the screen! Twigg is a mealy-mouthed individual who didn't even look as if he was convincing himself with the rhetoric he was spewing forth. :pissedoff:
  12. An accurate and objective analysis of an existing state of affairs may be arrived at by measuring the yawning gap that exists between, on the one hand, that which is described by Minsters such as Twigg and on the other, the reality of that which is physically experienced by those it affects.

    That gap, the credibility gap, is the unit of measure, the yardstick by which contempt for him and his political gene pool is both measured and applied!
  13. Both myself and Mrs Worm saw tonight’s programme.
    As I have previously said, although in the past, service personnel may have not been treated in a manner that we all would have liked the situation now is much different as both myself and Mrs Worm can say as members of today’s purple medical services. The work that we do is under difficult conditions not only operationally but also in today’s politically fuelled NHS environment, however, we still work hard to ensure that the military patients get treated quickly, professionally and in the best possible manner that they deserve due to the manner and where they work.

    What irritates me the most is programs like this that drag in a handful of ex-soldiers from operations such as the Falklands who complain about the care that they have received. Many of these soldiers were treated 25 years ago in military hospitals.

    The care that we provide today and everyday is the best that we can possibly give and is constantly improving. Recently an reserve service person was treated in Iraq as the care that we were able to provide there was better then what he would have received if back in the UK i.e. twice daily physio sessions.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, especially as I work there, Selly Oak is the best place for our troops to be treated if, unfortunately they are wounded.
  14. Ahem.......