NEWSFLASH ******RLC/RE Joint EOD Environment it is working!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bombdoctor, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. Fellas and laydeees,
    Before this opens the age old pissing contest please read on. Currently out on Telic and working within the Jt UK EOD Group.
    IT WORKS! The pissing contest is non existent, for the operators on the ground we know our job, we know what our boundaries are and we actually appreciate having the 'opposing' asset as part of the detachment. Yes no doubt this thread will encourage the old farts who would rather rattle on about the RE/RLC debate from at least 30 years ago. I think its about time we just accepted that the joint environment is a must. There are not enough people in either Corp or trade to cover all the EOD responsibilites in any given Theatre. Live with it, and yes for those of you who will inevitably bring it up, you find pricks in every trade!
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  4. What's that got to do with it?

    And anyway.... it was only a polite request to see if we could sort something out..... It's not that important :)

  5. I'd like to see low key elements of EOD work becoming an all arms responsability.
  6. Really? Which "low key" elements did you have in mind?

  7. EOD/RE can be the best judge of that! RE delegate search & Cbt Engr tasks to AA pers to lighten their load & I see no reason why RLC EOD cannot consider same in the current climate. There are some good blokes in the Inf & elsewhere that could be an asset to hard-pressed EOD pers, leaving RLC/RE to tackle the serious sh*t.

    (ie under battlefield conditions, not f*cking about sealing boxes at BAD's)
  8. Maybe. Seeing as though clearing blinds and misfires is taught as part of the field firing range qualifications (SA(A)90 etc) so that Inf units can clear their own ranges etc. Placing a donor charge close to, but not touching, is all the Engrs are taught to do anyway. So I can't see why suitably qualified teeth arm individuals couldn't blow single shells or grenades if they come across them. Obviously large multi-item stuff is out, and IEDD is completely separate, but in principle I believe it might work.
  9. I admit to a lack of posts, however this is mainly due to the fact that my life is either abroad or stuck to a pager, so time to post my considered opinions is extremely limited. As to losing my login name, I would rather keep it, but thanks for the offer :). In reply to Inf possibly taking on low key tasks, I think you should clarify your position on that one. The RE would probably have kittens if the CMD/UXO responsibility started getting delegated. However I can see where you are going with the idea. Perhaps a 'low level' course at DEODS as a supplement to the FFQ introduction might assist??
  10. I love the idea and see no reason why the teeth arms can not deal with small items as they find them. It would save them massave amounts of time being able to deal with items there and then and not wait around for hours or days for the wedge muppets to get their arrse out to it and evacuate half the region for a 51mm Mor Illum!

    All it would take is another couple of lessons on SA(A)90 to include quick methods of ID and Issue them the EOD ID books for the theatre, (not ASH as its a pile of poo!). On top of that all they need to know is how to call for assitance; ie task someone else.
  11. Ok of course just counter mining is all the engineers are taught, I mean your AT's dealing with a dug up bit of LSA will practice an extremely difficult disposal technique won't they? I like the idea of it, however are we talking warfighting or all Op's? If its the former then not so much of a problem as long as it is restricted to Assault Pioneers, I'm not too sure that the majority of Inf Battalions will want to add a EOD bangs box down to section level, the idea of a full initiation set in their webbing brings a smile to me face. Where would you draw the line? Is a blind in a Harbour location not the same as a blind in SLB? So if any mortars get chucked over the fence in NI let the Inf deal with them? Of course they would need to be non improvised, but who is going to be there to say what it is? We as Engineers tragically lost 2 of our own as they were carrying out the Cbt Enginner task of clearing a submunition field in Kosovo, because they did not have the required stores the pair with all the best intentions lost their life, I would rather not disseminate the risk of EOD work any more than it allready has.

    What wedge muppets have evacuated half the region for a 51mm Illum Dibble? I think that the majority of the BDO's will not take the recognition skills of anyone until they have seen the item themselves, as even the experts ie yourselves have been known to get the correct ID wrong on En EO so we will treat as worse case unitll proven otherwise.

    I will always be the first to try and take the roll of EOD forward, and can see the attraction of single item EOD being disseminated down, it would stop putting RE lives at risk in the current AO's but I will always remember the mines awareness instructor of 1 RRF playing footie with that blue round thing this year in Iraq, it was a BLU 61, when I gripped him and spoke to the CSM I said "with all his training he should know better" the CSM replied "I know he's been the best player in the Battalion football team for well over a year!"
  13. I know where you're coming from with this. They seem to forget that getting rid of A&E is one thing, demolitions is another, and that, is a CS Engr Regiments job, not the EOD.