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  1. Inside a home in Afghanistan
    By Tulip Mazumdar
    Newsbeat reporter, De Khakesh Kariz, Helmand Province

    Sultan Mohammed with his six children in their compound

    House in Helmand
    All week Newsbeat has a series of special reports from Afghanistan's Helmand Province. Today we look at how British troops are trying to win the hearts and minds of people living there.

    British troops don't tend to go into Afghan homes unless they absolutely have to.

    It's seen as a major insult if a stranger, especially a foreigner, enters an Afghan national's home without an invitation.

    So when we ask if we can come and see Sultan Mohammed's home, there are concerns he'll be angry if he's even asked.

    He's not. He breaks into a toothless smile and ushers us towards a wall.
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