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Spanish racism. The black lads got a hard time this evening in Madrid. Football was sh*te but no need for the racism as well.
Very true, Murielson. Why did it start in this match in particular? I've never heard it before when England have gone there to play - why now? Is this what they call a 'friendly'?

I would had wished that all the players had ignored the crap and played a better game - at least there is one reason they can use for the poor result of this match. As the England team seems to be 'punished' by the FA/FIFA on the way their attended supporters act at matches, I hope the same goes for Spain, except all you hear is about Rooney throwing his armband at the crowd, and the media taking it the wrong way, and the spanish coach saying ""I've always said my conscience is clear and I only want to talk about football."

On a whole, the chanting was a bloody uncalled for and unneeded reaction. :evil:
Obviously the Spanish don't believe in creating a civlised world - thats why the shites pissed off out of Iraq with their tale in between their legs.

Its the new governments fault for the fall in moral values...........

I need say no more :)
The crap that the Spanish manager came out with before the match was pretty bad to. As much as I dislike Arsenal I wouldn't use the sort of comments that he came out with about Henry.

His comments about our treatment of our colonies was a bit rich too! Perhaps he should look at the history books about Spanish rule in Central and South American.
MikeMcc said:
As much as I dislike Arsenal I wouldn't use the sort of comments that he came out with about Henry.
Can agree with you there - on both counts MM. Seems like the Spanish have finally got their finger out their arrse.

Besides - big grown-up watless men chanting and jumping up and down like apes- my eight yr old's mates don't even act like that in the playground. They've really made themselves look stupid. Tw@ts.
i may go on holiday in spain but it doesn't mean i have to like them, i always thought of them as shifty, cowardly, arrogant and two faced.
their hypocrisy regarding Gibralatar v Ceuta/Mellila
this just confirms my opinion even more, i only think the French are worse

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