News story: Wales Office to host Welsh Language Commissioner Secondee

Ministry of Defence said:
Updated: Added translation
Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones has today confirmed that an official from the office of the Welsh Language Commissioner will be seconded to the Wales Office as part of its ongoing commitment to improving Welsh language provision across Government.
The announcement comes following the Secretary of State’s appointment of Guto Bebb MP as an adviser to the department on Welsh language issues in December last year.
Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones said:
“As the department with lead responsibility for the Welsh language in the UK Government, the Wales Office fully understands the crucial role the language plays in the identity and culture of Wales.
“We are committed to ensuring that the UK Government provides high quality services in the Welsh language where there is demand, and to work closely with the Welsh Language Commissioner to achieve this. We are looking forward to welcoming a representative on secondment from her office, to look at how we can improve those services further.”
The Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws, said:
“The services provided by Whitehall departments are important in terms of the Welsh language. My secondee will work closely with these departments to ensure they develop their Welsh language services in line with the relevant statutory framework for the Welsh language for the benefit of the people of Wales.”
Further details regarding the secondee’s responsibilities will be agreed in due course.

Another total waste of money by a govt. who complains it is desperately short of money. Akin to the huge amounts of of money wasted on providing translations in numerous languages of govt. forms enabling the hordes of immigrants to tap into our benefit, health & welfare systems. No wonder UK plc is broke & cant afford to pay our troops & Police!
I reckon about 95% of Welsh people speak English. As long as we can have our own flag with the Dragon and the odd Leek. We will be happy. Beating the English at Rugby makes us happier, and costs no extra for the taxpayer :)

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